When Exactly Did America Cease To Be A Republic?

Obama Flag Evolution SC When Exactly Did America Cease to be a Republic?

On a slow Friday afternoon in March, America ceased to be a Republic. In a sneaky political power grab, the White House outmaneuvered Congress, and America became a dictatorship.

Steve Eichler, Chief Executive Officer of Tea Party, Inc., tells us that without any fanfare and hardly any attention from the media–obsessed with green beer and shamrock parades–the boldest assault on America since the Revolutionary War took place in Washington.

However did he do it? By Executive Order, Barack Hussein Obama completely bypassed the U.S. Constitution and powers of Congress and bestowed upon himself the power to impose a brutal version of Martial Law.

Obama has been raised since early childhood to despise America and hate her freedoms.  He was mentored both by terrorist Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis, who taught him that socialists only know what’s good for the people. So in March, 2012, their long-time anti-American quasi-Marxist plans finally came to fruition.

Through Presidential Executive Order, Barack Obama gave himself massive powers that allow himself to instantly bring about socialism in America and create a Soviet-like statist regime–whenever he wants.

We are the largest, strongest power on Earth. Why do we need Martial Law plans when there is no one who can possibly invade us?  It’s called the National Defense Resources Preparedness Plan –which runs to more pages of legal mumbo jumbo. But when you cut through the legalese, you will soon find out that Obama has hijacked our country, ridden roughshod over Congress, and really stuck it to the American people.

He can now:

-Raise gas prices

-fix any food prices

-cut back on health care for citizens

-reduce our pay

-bail out any person or company he wants

-halt consumer production and replace it with government work

-hike up airfares

-force the production of electric cars

-break existing labor contracts

-and much more

By limiting how we travel, what we can eat, and where we can work, he can create the communist utopia he has always dreamed about. How could this be? Can it be revoked?  The only way an Executive Order can be revoked is by another Executive Order, and Obama is not going to do that. There is only one other way. Congress can kill this by refusing to appropriate the money to implement his wishes and by passing legislation that makes his plans illegal. But do they have the guts?  The House may, but what about the liberal majority in the Senate?

Send your voice to speaker Boehner–send your faxes to all Republican Representatives at the House of Representatives. Phone them at 202-225-5161.  E-mail at www.house.gov.


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6 comments to When Exactly Did America Cease To Be A Republic?

  • msbetz

    25th. Amendment was written to REMOVE a sitting president, for Gods sake USE IT!

  • SammysDad

    Just wait until he has some made up attack on his life in October by a made up group. He then calls for marshall law and cancels the elections. All of this is very possibly in the pipe line IF the polls are obviously against him. Don't be fooled, folks. This man is very dangerous and his sick demented minions are following his orders. America is being lead by a man with an anti-American ideology in a powerful position placed their by foolish citizens who never vetted him. If he had been vetted and we know now what we didn't then, he would be a community organizer still. 4 more years of this man is 40 more years of his policies and more progressive judges on the Supreme Court.
    America,your destruction is staring you in the eye right now. Wake up, and open your eyes.

    • Zang

      Good post SammysDad! What we can do is vote this man out of office in November – in fact, it's imperative for the sake of country. I can't fathom his winning again – the man is nothing but a dirty Chicago politician. LET'S ALL GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!!!

      • Watching and Waiting

        Yes, we can vote, but did you know that there are over 115,000 illegal voters
        in this country? Some of them are dead…some are illegal.

        Dr. Orly Taitz has discovered this and had it on her web site a month ago.

        • Watching and Waiting

          Here is an excerpt from her findings.. (if it isn't deleted by the web site master)

          I spoke right after the GOP National Chairman Rence Preibus.

          I disclosed that I am working with the former database analyst for NATO, who volunteered to help me and run the databases, as the results of the CA election were questionable.

          We found 723,620 invalid voter registrations, which contained no birth date of voters, additionally there were over half a million suspicious voter registrations.

          I told Heraldo that we have e-mails from several registrars stating that when they did not have a birth date of a voter, they simply made it up, they assigned a birth date and registered the voter. This is flagrantly illegal, it represents criminal falsification of official records.

          Even Heraldo Rivera, who claims to be a Republican, but who in his views is to the left of Lenin, was shocked. He could only utter: oh my this is like Chicago.

          To which I responded: “No Heraldo, here in CA it is worse than Chicago”.

          Heraldo said, well if this information is correct, it needs to be addressed, but what those Republicans are doing is wrong, they are disenfranchising the poor. I told him, this has nothing to do with poor.

          I am gathering more information, my legal action is seeking clean up of the voter rolls from all invalid voter registrations. CA elections code 2150, 2152 specifies what information needs to be in the affidavit of an elector in order for him to be registered as a voter. Aside from birth date there has to be a nation of origin. We already see over half a million registrations in LA county alone without a country of origin, those need to be removed from the databases.

          Aside from me finding Obama using a stolen CT SSN 042-68-4425, I believe my finding of total of over a million of invalid and suspicious voter registrations in CA, represents the second biggest scandal in the U.S. elections.