Video: This Is America On The “Drug” Obama

This past weekend, I saw the late Andrew Breitbart’s swan song Occupy Unmasked that exposed the Occupy movement for what it is: an orchestrated distraction by the hard Left and unions.

In a way, it was like preaching to the choir. I already knew the mainstream media had coordinated with the hard Left (including anarchists) and unions to make “Occupy” what Time magazine called “The Story of the Year.”

I already knew that the mainstream media was hiding the rapes and murders and OD’s and rats and STDs. Hiding the fact that college students were being bussed in; and the homeless and unemployed were being paid to act as props for the real Occupiers: the SEIU and anarchists.

Yes, the same SEIU that gave $100 million to Obama in 2008. The same anarchists that are a part of Obama’s “community organizing” circle of radicals.

But seeing the film moved this knowledge from the head to the heart; that is, enabled me to feel it viscerally.

And America, that is a scary feeling. For SEIU and the radical Left want one thing and one thing only: the destruction of America. To destroy America so that their perfect socialist utopia will rise from the ashes.

What the details of this socialist utopia will be doesn’t matter.

What matters now is destruction.

It reminds me of those “This is your brain on drugs” commercials of the 1980s. A commentator shows a pan filled with hot butter and says: “This is your brain.” He then cracks an egg into the pan, where the egg sizzles and sputters, never again to return to its original form, and says “This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?”

Another term of Obama will make America’s “fundamental transformation” complete. America will go beyond the point of no return. SEIU, the radical Left, and their dear leader, Barack Hussein Obama, will finish the job of destroying this nation and remake it into something unrecognizable, never to return again to the greatest nation on earth.

God help us if they are successful.

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6 comments to Video: This Is America On The “Drug” Obama

  • Tatersalad

    Doesn't Barack Obama remind everyone that he is just another Eddie Haskell when dealing with the economy and foreign policy! It sure does and here is the resemblance between the two:

    1. Eddie being Barack:

    2. Barack being Eddie:

    America, whether liberal or conservative……this is what is leading "your" country.

  • margaret

    The really frightening aspect of all this is that Obama has set himself up to assume dictatorial powers by the executive orders he signed while America was partying and on vacation on Dec. 31, 2011 and July 7, 2012. He gave himself the power to order the military to arrest American citizens and hold them without just cause; the power to control all communications, energy sources, food, and water; and the power to suspend the elections for up to six months with or without the approval of Congress. If the Occupy Movement is planning an "emergency" under presidential direction, there could be a real "emergency" in November.

    • Watching and Waiting

      That will be when the rubber meets the road.
      Either Americans rise up and revolt,

      or they go down like sheep to the slaughter.

      From what I read, I foresee a revolt that will put
      other 3rd world nations' revolutions to shame.

      Americans are, for the most part, at least,
      well-educated, intelligent, and courageous.

      I doubt they will lie down and let Obama and his
      'military' walk all over them.

      And don't we have the best military in the world?
      I cannot see them allowing Obama's dictatorship
      to rule; they have their own families to protect.
      When it happens, the military will obey the
      law of the land. Obama just might be strung up
      by his scrawny neck and all the people will
      say, "Amen."

      • Zang

        Good post! I'm truly bewildered why so many citizens are believing Obama and the MSM who obviously are backing him 100% – I pray we have a true revolution in the voting booths on Nov. 6th and that the Romney/Ryan ticket wins by a landslide. I'm a registered Democrat and not very proud of my party right now

        • margaret

          I, too, am a lifelong Democrat who voted Republican for the first time in 2008. I hope many fellow Democrats join us in deserting this sinking ship.

      • margaret

        Yes, I have thought of the fact that the military probably will not stand idly by for an Obama coup d'etat. Thanks for reminding me of that. It''s a source of hope and comfort. But Obama's reductions in the military budget will mean that America will not for long have a first rate military.