Seniors, Did You Know…?

Obamacare Cuts Medicare Costs SC Seniors, Did You Know...?

Does anyone know, or care, for that matter that AARP agreed to endorse Obamacare because it gains an unfair advantage from the program? AARP told the Obama administration that they would endorse his pet program if Obamacare would eliminate Medicare Advantage (about 25% of recipients use it to cut costs to themselves, as I do) and force those on the advantage program to seek Medicare Supplemental Insurance (from which AARP makes BILLIONS simply by endorsing). The benefit of this arrangement is NOT to the people receiving the benefits, but to AARP. Big Pharma (the pharmaceutical industry as a whole) also cut a deal with Obama. They would endorse Obamacare if the program would prevent citizens from going to other countries (like Canada) to buy their cheaper drugs. The benefit, again, is NOT to people seeking a lower drug cost, but to the big pharmaceutical companies looking for a way to eliminate competition. Say…isn’t there a law against price-fixing? I guess it only applies to companies that are not kissing Obama’s ….er…ring!

The Medicare Advantage elimination was supposed to take place BEFORE the election; but Obama, being the wily politician that he is, had Nancy Pelosi delay the action until AFTER the election. Do you think he might have been afraid to tick off a couple million seniors by stealing their coverage? What happened to Obama’s “you can keep the coverage that you have” line of B.S.? Seniors, have you noticed that an awful lot of doctors are suddenly retiring or getting out of private practice? Have you done any research as to the number of people  who are no longer considering medical school here in the United States? Maybe you should start considering learning a foreign language so that you’ll be able to better understand the physicians who are going to be filling the gap. It’ll give you a new hobby to keep you occupied.

Social Security started out with good intentions, but it has evolved into a charity plan that cannot be sustained with the dwindling population that is now engaged in a “ponzi scheme”. Where does the money come from to pay the children of deceased payees? That money is on top of what widows get. If you have more people taking money out of a program than you have putting in, the program is going to bankrupt in the near future despite the empty promises of the politicians to the contrary. The situation is about to get much worse in the next couple of years when a whole lot of baby boomers stop paying into the system and start taking OUT of the system. Romney/Ryan want to REFORM the system to preserve it, while Obama and the Progressives want to ignore it long enough to retire with their GOVERNMENT GUARENTEED pensions, leaving all of us to fend for ourselves.

For some reason, the Progressives in both parties think that because we get older, we get dumber; and that’s why they resort to scare tactics rather than sound economic policy. My wife and I worked all our lives (starting at 16); when we became disabled 10 years ago, we expected our investment to take care of us. Millions of seniors feel the same way, but the politicians like to speak out of both sides of their mouth and use Mediscare tactics if you dare question their responses to the problems facing entitlements. When the government starts using a realistic index to calculate the actual cost of living (they don’t figure in energy costs or food) then they can criticize us for wanting what we all paid for! Government employees get steady cost-of-living raises; but when it comes to Social Security and Medicare, the government doesn’t want to apply the same rules to us as they do to themselves.

Those faceless bureaucrats don’t care if the elderly or disabled eat pet food or can’t pay their utilities as long as those people keep believing the lies and remain loyal voters of their party. Obama has made more promises to more people and groups that he has broken than any other president that I can remember in my lifetime. Seniors, are we really, as a group, going to continue allowing ourselves to be frightened into ignoring the truth and being manipulated into settling for what the Progressives want to dole out to us; or are you willing to vote for people who are willing to reform the system, save your benefits, and make sure the programs are going to be there for your children and grandchildren? On November 6th, you will have a chance to decide. I pray that you will keep these words in mind. May God bless you all and the United States of America. Adieu.

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