Qualifications For President….According To Obama!

Obama We Tried Our Plan It Worked White House SC Qualifications for President....According to Obama!

According to President Obama and his minions, including Joe “The Gaffemeister” Biden, if you are rich because you have been successful in a legal business, then you are not qualified to be President of the United States. You see, Obama thinks that all wealthy people in general are suspect of cheating Americans out of their share of the wealth that they generated. Republicans who are wealthy are evil in particular because they believe in “free enterprise” to earn wealth, not the federal government’s redistribution of wealth schemes. If you take some of your wealth overseas, which almost all of our wealthy in America do, then you must be hiding something. I wonder why Obama never points the finger at the wealthy members of Congress, or his wealthy donors for doing the same!

Unlike Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, you CANNOT have a desire to reform ANY entitlement program so that it will actually sustain itself and be there for the people you promised it to, God forbid! If you don’t believe in class warfare and dividing America to the point that the anger bubbling below the surface of our society is ready to explode into physical warfare, then you don’t understand Obama’s program. If you think that the presidency is more than golfing, vacationing, and hobnobbing with celebrities (or going on ”friendly talk shows”) then you have a mistaken idea of what Obama has defined the office of POTUS to be.

If you believe that Americans have a right to know what you are doing as President, then according to Obama, you are not qualified to be president. If you think Americans are able to think for themselves, man, you are definitely NOT qualified to be president. If you think that the national and international media have the right to question you about anything, boy are you naive! If you think that the President should have to answer to Congress, the people, or to God Himself, then you just don’t understand what political power is for.

If you think that America needs to be energy independent, then you are NOT qualified to be president.If you think that there is a “war on terror” going on in the world that involves the United States, then you do not qualify for the presidency because you are sadly misinformed.If you think that America should bow to and accept all tenets of Islam, then according to Obama, you are qualified for the office that you seek. If you wish to keep government spending within the constraint of a budget, then you are definitely NOT fit to be the prez. If your goal in running for the presidency is to create an atmosphere in America that gives everyone an equal opportunity to better themselves, you are not fit to run for office.

If you honor religion and God and respect the ownership of guns, you are close to being an enemy of the state! If you think that deregulation of business will stir the creation of businesses and jobs, you must be one of them capitalist pigs the Occupy Wall Street people always talk about. Those people were lauded by Obama and his zombies, so they must know what they’re talking about. If you won’t allow communists, socialists, globalists, and the Muslim Brotherhood into your cabinet and the White House, you are too narrow-minded to be President.  If you have any ethics, morals, or principles, then Obama will gladly send you to Chicago to learn how politics really works. He’ll also introduce you to Jeremiah Wright, who will teach you proper black theology! Like they say in Chicago, “no conscience, no crime!”

If you plan on running on your record, then Obama says that you’re dumber than a box of rocks. The Obama school of politics says NEVER let your opponent define you. Never allow your opponent breathing room to counter anything you say. If you have to accuse him/her of being the child of the “Black Dahlia” murderer, do it! By the time people figure out you lied, the election will be over, and the fact that you lied won’t matter anyway. In short, according to Obama, Biden, and the Mainstream Media, if you’re a smart, decent, successful man, you are NOT qualified to be the President of the United States. If you are a decent, caring, compassionate human being, Obama and his minions will find a way to destroy you by defining who they want you to be, not who you really are.

I guess, according to the political polls, that you can be a lying, corrupt, unethical, immoral, uncaring individual with a charismatic smile and demeanor and still get elected to the highest office in the land. It seems that it has become acceptable to use the United States Treasury as your own personal piggy bank for you and your family; after all, who is going to hold you accountable? The Republican leadership is just as complicit as Obama himself! Obama can ignore the laws of our country if he doesn’t feel they’re fair. Who holds him accountable? Congress looks pretty impotent to me! If the voters of this country allow such a corrupt man to avoid defending his record and succeed in defining a decent man like Mitt Romney, then we have fallen down the socialist rabbit hole, and the RED queen is waiting for us all. Adieu.

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