Video: Chris Matthews Loses It After Obama’s Poor Debate Performance

Guess someone didn’t have a tingling feeling up his leg tonight!!!

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7 comments to Video: Chris Matthews Loses It After Obama’s Poor Debate Performance

  • Vet2

    The true Obama was displayed, the facade of competence, awareness, concern and patronizing dissolved. He is a phony, a fake whose only love is for himself.

  • Shirley

    Chris Matthew you are stupid!

    • Carol

      It takes a stupid man to know what another stupid man looks like and his name is Obama or maybe his name is Barry Soetoro.

  • Carol

    Obama is a "O" nothing more nothing less and that is a fact!!!

  • Maj (Ret) R.D. Cole

    Waaa, waaa,'s that thrill-thingy going up your leg now? Now it should be clear to even the horde of o-bots out there, "the Emperor has no clothes!".

  • Rom -’O'- Bama
    5th October, Jaipur. American president Barrack Hussein Obama II along with presidential candidate on opposition “Willatt Mitt Romney” is now the Masala topic in every state and nation in the globe. These hot shot faces are now the part of the news on epitomized in the video representing their puppet show. November 2012 is titled as the month of president election in America in which the candidates “Obama” and “Mitt Romney” drudging solid with their respective campaign catching every eye in the world., a website representing Jaipur, talks about this hair-raising exposure by the medium of a video representing both the candidates involved in a puppet show.

  • Richard

    Chris Matthews is the biggest liar I have ever seen, and he goes after the next biggest liar, Obama? After all this time of telling us how great he is, suddenly he sees the clay feet also of Obama!