Video: “Friendly Fire” Cover-up In Murder Of Border Patrol Agent?

When Border Patrol agent Nicholas Ivie was murdered, the political gears began to move. Barack Obama called to offer condolences to the family. Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano vowed justice for the agent.

It was like watching a replay of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s murder.

In fact, Ivie had been working at the border patrol station named recently in Brian Terry’s honor.

Another odd similarity: officials were extremely closed-mouthed about the investigation. Some would say secretive. Were there any suspects? Were weapons left at the scene? Shell casings?

But oddly, there was one thing that was not secret. Yesterday, the mainstream media began hemorrhaging information about the murder being possibly caused by “friendly fire.” That is, the two agents mistakenly shot at each other.

Another Fast and Furious cover-up?

With Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s history of covering up Fast and Furious, we wouldn’t be surprised.

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