Video: Allen West Takes Down CNBC Host On Job Numbers

The media is falling all over itself to claim that the economy has recovered. Millions dropped off the rolls? No problem. All part time jobs? No problem. The objective is to re-elect liberals, not report facts.

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2 comments to Video: Allen West Takes Down CNBC Host On Job Numbers


    Line up the multi millions unemployed and
    the latest employment report looks insane.
    LTC Allen West, as congressman, will not
    allow the people to be deceived by those
    pretending all is suddenly well under the
    piss poor leadership of Bar'ak H Oba'ma.

  • Missnellie

    Tyler Mathison of Power Lunch made a complete as* of himself with his converstion with Allen West. Why is it that Democrats need to YELL, INTERUPT, and RUDELY treat every Republican. Does Mr. Mathison qualify for his position or did he just yell the loudest, knew the least and made a complete fool of himself. Mr. West….you are a gentleman and an honorable man. Mathison…dig a hole and bury yourself it!