Video: Obama House Of Cards Could Collapse With Donor Scandal

A scandal that is being blamed for Obama’s poor performance at the presidential debate has been seething on social media since late Thursday night.

The Washington Examiner reports that an extensive investigation into the Obama campaign’s donations—specifically illegal donations from overseas—is due to be reported on by an unnamed national magazine in the next few days.

Will this be the scandal that will derail the Obama campaign?

Do the alleged overseas donations have anything to do with the illegal Russian money that poured into the Obama campaign in 2008?

Was Obama paid off with Russian money to be “more flexible” with Russia in regards to U.S. missile defense systems?

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8 comments to Video: Obama House Of Cards Could Collapse With Donor Scandal

  • Billiott

    Why must we see this movie over and over? We've seen it with Bill Clinton, with Al Gore, and with Hillary Clinton. All a Dimocrat has to do about illegal funding is claim ignorance and merely SAY they're donating those funds they didn't know about to charity; which they never prove nor do they ever HAVE to, because our lamestream media, which has a special place and (I thought) duty as "the fourth estate" under The Constitution to hold their feet to the fire, just wanders off without follow-up. And the FEC is a sick joke.


    Oba'ma is a usurper who would
    " Fundamentally transform the
    United States of America."
    Trust nothing, absolutely nothing,
    Oba'ma says. He is about himself.

  • enoch76

    Or could the alleged illegal donations be the ones from obama's terrorist friends, hamas, who were able to get millions in illegal contributions to the impostor.

    I hope that President Romney doesn't halt all the ongoing investigations into this crooked regime. I hope someone, sometime down the line will have the courage and fortitude to hand out suitable punishment to EVERYONE involved in the obama hoax.

    • Dave

      If the donations are from Hamas, it's just recycling of our tax money and might save the Bureau of Engraving and Printing a few bucks.

  • freedomrocks

    it's the energy, Russia is one of the world's leading oil and gas producers, high oil and gas prices are returning Russia to global prominence. US energy revolution will be devastating to Russian resurgence.

  • dusel1

    Any Liberal Democrat presidency is an American disaster; the Obama presidency is the same as happily buying a bottle of cola and later after this cola is half-way consumed, seeing the head of a rat bobbing away in your bottle.

  • Tatersalad

    The sequel, Black Hawk II is down. The Obama administration had pulled a 16 member Special Ops team from Benghazi two weeks before 9/11. Why were repeated requests for extra security denied after the Spec Ops were pulled?


    Barack Obama will never admit that there is a war on terror, never!

  • I really hope this does the damage needed to derail him from having a chance of re-election. However I'm definitely not holding my breath with the MSM on his side. They would happily cover up anything for him and his government. He does seem to be on the back foot though after a woeful debate and now this.