Regulators Force PTA To Cancel Fundraising Event

No Ice Cream SC Regulators force PTA to cancel fundraising event

For years, a New Jersey Parent Teacher Association sold ice cream once a week during lunch to fund field trips and other school expenses.
The association’s president was shocked to learn recently in a letter from the superintendent that the fundraiser was unceremoniously cancelled.
“We don’t know the full extent of the issue,” she said, but selling ice cream during lunch now apparently violates both state and federal laws.
Lest one assume the PTA is selling gallons of double-chunk fudge ice cream, thus warranting the decisive crackdown, these treats fall squarely within state guidelines.
Ice cream cups consist of about four bites, the PTA president explained, and the fundraiser also offers sugar-free ice pops.
The association is accused of violating laws prohibiting fundraising through the sale of food during “hours when our school nutritional program is in operation,” the superintendent explained in a statement, regardless of the food’s nutritional content.
Not only did the harmless addition of a sweet treat once a week help raise much-needed money; the PTA president said teachers also relied on the incentive of a free ice cream to inspire greater achievement among students.
The superintendent called the decision “unfortunate,” explaining he will work with the association in an effort to identify other avenues “to fundraise that are in compliance with state regulations.”
This incident is just another sign that new federal cafeteria regulations are overreaching and, in many cases, completely unwarranted.
In fact, more than 1,000 students at a high school in the same district held a strike against the draconian USDA guidelines just one week before the hammer fell on weekly ice cream sales.
School lunch regulation is receiving such a negative reaction, schools are planning to install cameras inside of lunchroom trash cans to document all the wasted food they are forced to serve but which no one seems to eat.
When it comes to leftist do-gooder big government nannies, this is all just par for the course – creating problems that don’t exist and using powers they don’t have to enact regulations we don’t want.
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