Obama’s Secret Campaign Strategy?

Romney Obama 3 SC Obamas Secret Campaign Strategy?

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Sun Tzu, the famous Chinese general and military strategist, once said, “All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.” Tzu’s premise was such that tactics, or what is seen, are built on strategy, which isn’t revealed until the battle has been fought. This statement is unequivocally true if there is a strategy mapped and executed against by a knowledgeable and battle-tested leader.

There has been much speculation about President Obama’s debate performance. Indeed, even former Vice President Al Gore lamented Obama’s lack of efficacy by blaming it on Denver’s altitude and the president’s lack of time to acclimate to it prior to the debate. One has to consider, however, that perhaps this is one democrat coming to the aid of another, or maybe the Nobel Prize winners must defend their own.

Of all the excuses and possibilities espoused by the left for Obama’s lethargic attempt at debate with presidential hopeful Romney, none has been stranger than what is now being tossed around in an attempt to re-write history. As laughable as it sounds, some leftist pundits have proclaimed, in boxing terms, that Obama’s tactic was to “take a dive” in an attempt to rally complacent democratic voters. Huh?

You read that correctly. Obama intentionally took a verbal stomping in order to rally complacent democratic voters to assure their presence at the polls on November 6th. The assumption, according to some on the left, is that many voters were so secure in their candidate’s re-election bid they wouldn’t come out to vote. But if, by some miracle, President Obama were to get pummeled in a nationally televised debate, supporters would be forced to come out in droves to vote for him.

Additionally, some leftists have presumed President Obama’s performance, or lack thereof, forced Governor Romney to show all his cards, effectively making him politically impotent prior to the second debate. Romney’s domestic and economic plans, as he played into a carefully laid democratic trap, would be dissected by the Obama camp and aired ad nauseum in pro-Obama campaign ads.

If this hilariously hypothesized tactic is really part of David Axlerod’s campaign strategy for President Obama, then this may go down as the most lopsided republican victory since Reagan/Carter in 1980.  And if this tactic is in place then any and all future presidential candidates would do well to never hire anyone from Obama’s staff.

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