Video: The White House Disinformation Campaign On Libya

From UN Ambassador Susan Rice to Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama the Obama Administration lied to the American people about the Libyan consulate attack, resulting in the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. For two weeks America was told it was due to an anti-Muslim video when intelligence knew within twenty-four hours that it was an al-Qaeda-linked terrorist attack. When will this Administration stop lying to the America people and when will the mainstream media call them on their lies?

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7 comments to Video: The White House Disinformation Campaign On Libya

  • Lupae

    What is going on with this administration. Do they really think that we are that stupid?

    Was this a setup for the Muslim Brotherhood?

    Did the Muslim Brotherhood request that we remove our security?

    Who authorized it, Hillary or Obama?

  • Lupae

    Susan Rice should resign immediately. She is has no credibility. She lied numerous times to the American People.

    No wonder the rest of the world loves Obama. He is destroying this country and they are entertained by it.

  • leon

    What we have in this Admin. is bunch of Liars .

  • Tomtom


  • Annie66

    I would love to see this bunch of lying scum dragged out in the streets by their friends the terrorists. These people are despicable and they deserve the treatment received by innocent victims because they are responsible for it.

  • ItsJo

    This, corrupt regime will NEVER stop LYING to the American People. It's what Obama does, when HE will NOT take responsibiltiy for his "Inactions, and his Actions". He lies continually, and sent out his minions Rice, Hillary, Gibbs, Axlehitler, etal to 'deflect blame from Obama himself'. IOW, he got them to LIE to American citizens so he wouldn't look bad. Obama was too busy partying w/Beyonce @$40,000 a person, Going on Letterman, Raising cash in Vegas, going on the View and appearing before his base cheerleaders(had to quiet them down the day after the murders, and tell them with a solomn face about the "Movie being the blame for the MUSLIM TERRORISTS that killed Amb.Stevens & 3 other Americans….then the crowd in Vegas got all 'whipped up again', as like Obama, "this Terrorist act didn't seem like it even phazed them. What POTUS would NOT know, that these Muslim/Islamic TERRORISTS LOVE TO KILL AMERICANS ON 9/11, AND HE IGNORED THE RUN UP TO 9/11 IN PROTECTING AMERICAN CITIZENS. HE TURNED THEM DOWN FOR REQUESTS OF HELP. AND HILLARY IS JUST AS GUILTY ON THIS FOR HER LIES AND INEPTNESS.