Video: Thomas Sowell – Race Riots If Obama Loses

KABC talk show host Larry Elder interviews one of America’s greatest living thinkers, Thomas Sowell, who predicts race riots if Obama loses.

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6 comments to Video: Thomas Sowell – Race Riots If Obama Loses

  • enoch76

    I believe there will be widespread bloodshed and black-on-white violence both before AND after the election, whether obama wins or loses. There have been scores of unreported (in the MSM) black-on-white assaults on this year already, as the blacks see the end of their reparations and hand-outs in sight.

    • pipiman

      Another scare tactic being used by the Obama regime. Nothing will happen, Obama shy's the packing of his stuff and get the hell out of the White House, which he and Michelle believed it was their house.

      • beenzyo

        This is not being said by the obama gang, in fact they're denying that there is an epidemic of black-on-white violence all across the country – this is actually happening – obama's supporters, the black panthers have stated that they will burn down every city in America if he's tossed out.
        If the regime were not the instigators of this "uprising" why hasn't the "one" used his great influence and told his followers to back off?
        Just like all totalitarians/fascists this bunch is not going to relinquish the reparations gravy train without mucho bloodshed.

  • Tomtom

    BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    ..i personally don't care if there are riots! we are a nation of laws, those laws are written for a reason, an we should never be afraid of "offending" people who don't want to abide with them! they also have the right to leave!!

  • jonodough

    the riots that will ensue if obama DOES win will be monstrous.