Team Romney Looking For Knockout By Ryan

Paul Ryan SC Team Romney looking for knockout by Ryan

Republicans believe a strong performance by Paul Ryan at Thursday’s vice presidential debate could keep the reeling Obama campaign from regaining its footing.

The party is riding high after a series of new polls showed a dramatic swing in Mitt Romney’s favor following his victory over President Obama in last week’s presidential debate. Now some Republicans are salivating over the prospect of their energetic young star delivering another body blow to Team Obama.

Ryan has been working assiduously to prepare for Thursday night’s showdown in Danville, Ky. The Wisconsin lawmaker spent three and a half days last week in Virginia exclusively focused on debate prep and has been camped out in St. Petersburg, Fla., the past two days to study.
Campaign aides say he also met sporadically in previous weeks with former Solicitor General Ted Olson, who is serving as Vice President Biden’s stand-in.

The stakes are the largest yet in Ryan’s meteoric political career. In 2008, 69.9 million Americans watched Biden’s showdown with then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — more than three times the number who watched Ryan’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

Read More at The Hill. By Justin Sink.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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