Media Ignores Major Tea Party Protest Of Obama

Tea Party 1 300x222 Media Ignores Major Tea Party Protest of ObamaPresident Obama came to San Francisco this week for another one of his star-studded fundraisers.


As usual, the San Francisco Tea Party was there to greet him. Polk Street was used as a clearing station for thousands of low-priced ticket holders champing at the bit to get a glimpse of President “Eye Candy”.

Protesters of all stripes were situated on the sidewalk along Polk for hours – up close and personal – with Obama supporters who were waiting on line.

There were the usual left wing protesters–PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) members dressed as circus elephants; the anti-war anti-drone gang; and the pro-cannabis crew who always seems to garner all of the attention.

Each of the left wing opposition groups was featured on the nightly news and yet, their numbers at 15-30 paled in comparison to the 150 tea partiers who also demonstrated on site.

The press was there – filming and interviewing many of the 150 tea partiers – but you wouldn’t have known that from the TV coverage.


The “Average Joe” who watches the 11 o’clock news for the day’s highlights and wants to know what’s happening in San Francisco besides baseball only got part of the story. He was told that Obama was in town taking on Mitt Romney’s debate performance in a forceful way. He was told that the fundraiser featured concert performances by John Legend and Michael Franti (musical guests my kids know but I don’t). He was told that the anti-war, pro-pot people were once again out in force to protest Obama’s policies.

Oh, and depending on what channel “Joe” watched, there were a few pro-Romney folks there as well.

For those with Bay Area roots, here’s the TV lowdown:

KTVU (FOX) 2 didn’t acknowledge us at all.

All one could catch on KRON 4 was a fleeting image of a “Defeat Obama” sign.

CBS 5 deserves kudos for giving us exposure equal to that of the other protesters.

ABC 7 aired an actual interview with one of our members, but the audio suddenly went silent so you couldn’t hear a thing he said.

In this Orwellian world where everything’s coming up roses and San Fran is in the can for Obama, if you are a Romney-Ryan supporter watching the 11:00 o’clock news, you’d think you were the only one in the Bay Area. This might be your news reality – but it is not true.

About 150 of us from the San Francisco Tea Party were there for hours enduring the usual epithets of affection from Obama’s supporters (they call us “racist, sexist, homophobes” and believe we hate him for his skin color not his policies nor the fact he has been an epic “fail” as leader of the free world).


I have to confess–I am frightened by the extent to which Obama supporters are in denial about the state of our economy. If the President says we are in a recovery, things are better and it’s reinforced by the press, then, by golly, it must be so, right?

The San Francisco Tea Party was shouted at and flipped off (nothing new there) and barely got a mention in the media. I had an extensive interview with a San Francisco Chronicle reporter who asked me how it was that people in the San Francisco Tea Party were hurt by Obama’s policies. What a great question! Finally, some red meat instead of fluff!

As I began to count the ways–many are out of work; have kids who can’t find jobs; worry if they can pay their mortgage, afford to send their kids to college or retire; and many small business owners have had to cut back on hires–I noticed he stopped writing. It was hardly a surprise that the facts I stated were not in his article – even though he acknowledged all of it – especially how young people like himself were having a tough time finding work.

As the Obama-bots shouted “Four More Years” we countered with “Four More Weeks” and“What do you want? A leader! What have you got? Eye Candy!”

We also played off the old, leftie anti-Bush chant “Bush Lied. People Died” with our own“Stevens Died. Obama Lied.”

The highlight of the night, however, was how we “baaah’ed” like sheep as thousands of the Obama’s “sheeple” moved up in the line and into the venue.


As we began to take our leave, tea partiers noticed a considerable amount of garbage left in the wake of Obama’s base. Some tea partiers asked those remaining to clean up their mess but they refused. As several of us started to clean up the garbage knowingly left behind by Obama’s supposedly environmentally conscious followers, they were admonished by Obama officials to stop. They didn’t. So the street occupied by Obama’s “sheeple” was left almost as clean as the sidewalk occupied by the Tea Party.

That wasn’t the only time Tea Party people stepped up to the plate. When we were first setting up, a few Obama acolytes were trying to occupy our space and becoming increasingly verbally abusive and agitated.

The police were concerned and asked us to move to a less visible place for our own protection. We complied. As we begrudgingly (yet obediently) moved to the new location, the folks standing on line took this as a coup and started chanting and singing –“Na Na Na Na, Hey, Hey-ey, Good-bye.”

Not ones to be shrinking violets, we informed the police that we wanted to go back to where we could be seen and heard. That’s where we stayed for the entire evening—it was like having 150
“Davids” to Obama’s 4000-6000 “Goliath” who awaited entry to his fundraiser.


The press does indeed report on the Tea Party more than it used to, but lately, I’ve noticed that the focus is not on the substance of the subject at hand but rather on our reactions–whether to debates or statements made by candidates.

They are more interested in what Republicans or conservatives feel about the debate than what the debate is all about.

I had a 30 minute sit-down interview about Romney’s 47% remark with the lead reporter from a major local network who congratulated me for giving such a fantastic interview. Yet, he only intended to use (and only used) my REACTION to the remark. Issues be damned, I guess.

Why do the media have a phobia reporting on the substance?

Once you tell them about the harsh cold reality of the facts bolstered by objective numbers– like $16 trillion in debt, $500 million tax payer dollars squandered on Solyndra, 23 million un- and under-employed, a drop in median household income by $4300, one in two college graduates unable to find work, and a fictitious economic recovery barely squeaking by with an annual average GDP of 2.2%–they find it hard to discuss the issues.

That’s because the media is then in a box, forced to focus on campaign issues and the sorry state of the country. That does not seem to be a place the press really wants to go.

Visceral and emotional reactions are “safe” to report on because they are the subjective opinions of the interviewee. Journalists don’t have to own that as their own commentary – it belongs to someone else. They are just quoting it.

They don’t need to delve into the sticky, messy, complicated issues that might show the President in a bad light – after all – this is the guy they personally prefer.

It’s so much easier to feed the public “fluff” rather than the red meat of which elections, transitions of power, rebellion and revolution are made. It’s better to dope us up on irrelevant news and visceral reactions to the tough stuff and keep us in an Orwellian la-la land.

President Obama often says it’s about arithmetic. He’s right.

Two plus two does not equal five.

The economy is lousy.

Radical Islam is gaining strength.

And yes, Mr. President, even when the press fails to report that there were 150 tea party patriots in San Francisco, we were there – we care – and we are going to vote.

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  • beenzyo

    Have to admit I had no idea of this protest. Great to know it's happening though – the obamatools of the msm are so invested in this evil regime and democrats in general that they'll never be fair and balanced.