Video: Powerful Video From A Former Obama Supporter

The top five reasons Barack Obama should not be re-elected as President.

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11 comments to Video: Powerful Video From A Former Obama Supporter

  • Misty

    This video is so powerful that anyone who has any doubt about their decision to vote will change their mind. Please share with everyone you know who wants to remain free to express themselves in America!

  • jfdyates

    This should be seen nationwide because it tells the whole story of what this usurper has done to this country . Make it go viral on the net !

  • Bloodless Coup

    A great and powerful video. Too bad it exceeds the attention span of most Americans.

  • Gunny

    The Obama regime should be considered a very dangerous foe that will not go down easy. His fanatical backers are
    only concerened about their own welfare and will go to any length to rtetain their power. Apathetic fools that still believe in their great messiah will regret they ever heard his name. There is no doubt in my mind that there will be blood in the streets whether he is reelected or not.

  • L. D.

    This woman said it all in a nutshell. I have been saying this for 4 years now and if we don't wake up soon we will not have a country to call our own. we just as well move to canada

  • EEJ

    Those are 5 good reasons NOT to vote for Obama, but if you want a lot more justification please watch the movie "2016". Obama was not vetted by the media in 2008, we were too interested in rebutting the notion that the USA is a racist country…proved otherwise by his election! But now, see the movie and begin to understand what Obama's
    agenda includes. While Clint Eastwood labels Obama as an "empty chair", I have think of him as a empty suit,
    absolutely lackiing in qualifications for the presidency. I mean, really, would you hire a junior senator/community
    organizer with his resume for the job of a USA President?? Unfortunately, he and his teleprompter were elected…now consider the mess we are in as a country.

  • He is dangerous which is obvious.

  • Kay

    This video is full of lies and distortions. Does ANYONE still believe that lie about “death panels?!” Do some real research! Don’t just accept this at face value.

  • mr real

    a powerful video! how do you destroy a nation? take all that is good and moral and start degrading it ,thats what they are doing we need to pray more against this presidents agenda!