Apartment Denies Elderly Resident’s Right To Pray

Atheist SC Apartment denies elderly residents right to pray

Religious intolerance and the vast overreach of church-state separatists recently hit new levels of stupidity at a public housing complex in Minnesota.

Apartment staff told an elderly widow to cease any religious activity in public areas of the housing unit.

The woman stated she was simply discussing the Bible with a fellow resident and was abruptly silenced by a social worker claiming her actions were prohibited because the complex is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This particular resident did not just accept this obvious violation of her First Amendment rights.

After seeking advice from the Alliance Defending Freedom, the group sent Osborne Apartments a letter on her behalf asking them to rescind their ban.

As of this writing, the incident is still unresolved, and no one affiliated with the apartment complex has commented. The good people at ADF, however, are making a very clear case supporting the resident’s rights.

The legal advocacy firm explains that HUD has never prohibited religious discussions in public housing units, noting even a recent HUD official who said that doing so would violate her freedom of expression.

Reversing this idiotic decision is “the right thing to do,” ADF’s letter continues, adding that many residents of the complex “fought or saw their spouses fight in wars to defend our nation and the freedoms upon which it is built.”

The letter requests a written response by Oct. 26 along with “written confirmation … that you have restored the freedom of the residents to pray, discuss the Bible and engage in other forms of religious expression.”

There is an ongoing assault on religion — especially Christianity — across our nation, and this unfortunate woman is currently fighting her own personal crusade against the God-haters on the left. With the ADF on her side, not to mention the U.S. Constitution, I have no doubt she’ll be victorious. The sad thing is that she was ever put in that position to begin with.

The bullies behind this Bible ban remain quiet for now. I’ll be keeping up with developments on this story and look forward to reporting on their eventual realization that Americans still have a right to express their faith — whether they like it or not.


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