Major Theme Park Attraction Reveals Obvious Bias Against Romney

Mitt Romney CPAC 2011 SC Major theme park attraction reveals obvious bias against Romney

A purported comedy skit during one of Universal Studios’ Halloween-themed shows was recently outed as a hack job against Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

During the show, reports indicate the title characters from the “Bill and Ted” movie franchise appear in the program to lambaste current cultural trends. At one point in the show, though, Bill and Ted are replaced onstage by impersonators portraying Romney and Barack Obama.

The audience — which contains plenty of children during any given performance — is subjected to a vile caricature of Romney and a warm, supportive take on Obama.

Romney’s doppelganger presents the candidate as hopelessly out of touch, spouting such tripe as “I just didn’t realize women can vote.”

Though strictly prohibited, a surreptitiously-recorded video reveals the dialogue gets much worse from there.

During a mock rap battle, the fake Romney admits to the women in the crowd that he’s “not concerned with your health” and offers his “verbal contract” that “ain’t no mother[bleep] way we’re going to pass the DREAM Act.”

Romney’s impersonator does enough to perpetuate the myth of an uncaring GOP candidate, but the actor portraying Obama takes the opportunity to pile on the insults and profanity.

“Barack City, [expletive deleted], Barack City, [expletive deleted], four more years in the White House, Mitt,” he taunts, saying Romney “doesn’t know who [he is] screwing with.”

Referring to the Tea Party “tea bagging on your head,” the Obama clone might as well be working directly for the president’s campaign.

Romney is “flip-flopping all night,” the tirade continued.

Deep in the swing state of Florida, Universal Studios is doing its part as a Democrat Party surrogate by offering a supposedly comedic show featuring the likes of Bill and Ted while slipping in deeply partisan attacks. Attendees later said they had no idea the show would have a political agenda.

Spending nearly $100 for a ticket, many park visitors were understandably outraged at the smear campaign waged against a presidential candidate. A spokesperson for Universal dismissed the concerns saying, “This is not a political statement.”

One expects candidates to pull out all the stops when it comes to the all-important swing states, but Obama seems to have supporters doing the heavy lifting for him. A captive, possibly misled, audience caught off-guard by a relentless attack on Mitt Romney might turn off informed conservatives, though the coveted undecided voter very well might buy into the misrepresentation.

Relying on sycophants in the media and entertainment industries to spread the message can be far more effective than a negative ad campaign and is much more cost-effective. In about two short weeks, though, outraged Americans will show up en masse to completely negate the left’s best efforts at subterfuge.


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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)


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