Video: Trump Rips Greta: You Don’t Know Anything About Obama’s Birth Certificate

Donald Trump did what he had to do last night while talking to Greta Van Susteren…

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3 comments to Video: Trump Rips Greta: You Don’t Know Anything About Obama’s Birth Certificate

  • ItsJo

    There is NO WAY Obama(who ridiculed Trump on Leno's-the "Obama Bootlicker"-show) who has spent milliions IN HIDING HIS PAST, is going to take on Trump w/$5 Million offer. That's just laughable. Obama HIDES who HIS REAL Father is, as on the original(per Sheriff Joe Arpaio) birth cert. the section on "Father, was left blank, and a worker verified that a penciled in #9, meant: "Father……Unknown". It makes perfect sense, that his 10 yr.mentor, Obama speaks about 22 times in his book as "Frank"….meant the Communist, Frank Marshall Davis. A 2 yr.investigation by the Author, of "Dreams From My REAL Father", show pictures that certainly Obama resembles Davis, NOT Obama Sr., that the Grandfather worked w/getting him to 'front a sham marriage to the trampy daughter- Obama Sr. COULD have stayed in the USA, IF he was married to her and had a son, BUT, he was sent back to Kenya-they knew it was a "Sham Marriage"

  • ItsJo

    BTW: In the 60's Communism was taboo, and now, it seems MORE clear, as to why Obama's Mother & her family would
    have HID the fact of her getting pregnant by Frank Marshall Davis, and when she left Obama w/her parents(also Commies) she instructed them to "make sure Obama sees Frank weekly". This, is where(according to O's own book) he learned the Communist Ideology, from F.M. Davis-who the FBI had a file on(and where the author got info from & went to the exact home where Davis lived, and as an amateur photographer, filmed O's mother in porno pix's(along with his wife)
    and sold them to Euro Porno Magazines. ALL this is available online and you can look it up yourselves @WND, A.I.M.etc

  • Don

    What is the point of talking to a reporter like Greta. They ignore Adobe experts, typesetter testmony, postal service employees, his life story, etc. They have no curiosity, imagination, or intelligence to put the facts together. What are they afraid of? Its like they are afraid to admit that they saw a UFO and refuse to admit what they saw. It is the story of the century or the past two hundred thirty years; and they still pretend that there is no story! She must have had some curiosity, she must have seen to You Tube demostration, she must have read some news story! I can't believe that she lives in such a vaccuum. She and her kind just can't believe that Obama had the audacity to con a nation and the media; that Obama biography, "Audacity of Hope" should have really been entitled the Audacity of a Con. And, the nation and the media were the patsies.