Liberalism: Racism And Sexism At Its Core

Occupy Wall Steet sign 2 SC Liberalism: Racism and Sexism At Its Core

If one were to try to define liberalism, phrases such as “government oversight”, “anti-big business”, “environmentalists”, “level playing field”, and “entitlement society” would probably come to mind.  The progressive agenda relies heavily upon the belief that the government should and must drive an economy from a macro level; and in some cases, a micro level should the need arise.  If government serves as the magistrate over business, or actually manages business practices, then fairness and equality is assured for the labor force according to liberal philosophy.  This same mentality drove the original union labor movement in the United States, a movement mostly based upon Marxist theory.

Ironically, a person who attempts to define liberalism doesn’t typically identify specific racial, female, or sexual orientation rights.  One probably wouldn’t associate liberalism with an agenda rife with illegal worker “rights”, forcing privatized businesses to include birth control in its insurance coverage, or repealing “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell.”

Why is it then that many of those who fall into one or more of the categories above identify themselves as Democrats?  The Democratic Party has sought to “buy” its way into prominence for generations, having promised easier paths to entitlement programs like food stamps and other forms of public assistance, pandering to any special interest group with a large following promising things like birth control, gun control, the green movement, gay marriage movement, the Occupy Movement and so on.  On the outside, the party appears to be inclusive of anyone with an agenda, but we should take a much deeper look at them to understand what it is that Democrats truly desire.

Large and invasive government oversight of the populace means diminishing key Constitutional rights, including property ownership, thereby forcing and moving the population into cities.  Once the American people are moved into large metropolitan areas, they will and can be easily controlled.  Eminent Domain, or government takeover of private property, has been instituted in various states over the past decade.  Government bailouts of private industry, which puts the government in a position of ownership in the company, and bank bailouts that allow the government to limit the amount of money employees can make are all part of the grand scheme.

Increased printing of currency decreases its value, subsequently creating an economic environment of hyper-inflation.  The devaluation of currency makes it much easier for the government to impose even more power over a population.  We have seen similar events play out in other regions of the world in both the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Having demonstrated the goal of the Democrat’s idea of “liberation,” or “liberalism,” one begins to see the painting revealed on the canvass.  Catering to certain minority voting groups, even if they have no desire for larger government intervention, is the worst kind of racism and sexism.  Propagating particular ideologies in order to garner votes is similar to pork barrel spending, or tacking on additional spending measures to specific unrelated bills assuring their passing, but on a human level.  When an individual or group feels slighted and allies itself with an ever-growing support function, in this case a government party, the group grows in size and power.

African-Americans, at heart, are a very conservative group of people.  They believe in traditional marriage, are church-going and largely Christian, and yet align themselves with the Democrats who continue down the avenue of race-baiting and promising rights their group already has thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and desegregation laws passed in the 1960’s.

Laws assuring minority rights, including the same pay for the same job, have been on the books for decades.  Why then do feminists throw themselves at the feet of the leaders of socialists and communists?  Women currently outnumber men in the workplace and in many cases are making more money than their male counterparts.

The Democratic Party has bought votes from minorities, promising much but delivering little over the previous century.  A lack of cohesion with no congruent message from the left side is proof positive they don’t care about their constituents, only their votes and numbers.  Making it easier for groups of people to access government entitlements, especially in large urban areas, is deplorable and racist.  Keeping population centers poor and under-educated is abhorrent behavior and shameful.  When a party involves itself in contraception and “family planning”, it is doing nothing more than labeling itself sexist by purchasing those votes.  If a leftist president invokes a form of amnesty just prior to an election, paving the way to citizenship by a group of folks largely ignored for almost four years, it is engaged in wholly racist actions.  Supporting a group of people who want to bring about “fairness” by increasing taxes and “spreading the wealth around” plays right into the hands of power-grabbing “liberals.”

The work is largely covert and subliminal by the Democrats but has become more and more emboldened by a largely ignorant voting base.  Taking time to educate oneself is essential to freedom; allowing your vote to be purchased based upon a special interest is damning.

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