Video: Obama Watched Them Die

We now know that Barack Obama knew within two hours that the attack on the Benghazi consulate was an act of terrorism.

We now know Barack Obama received live video from a drone during the attack.

We now know Barack Obama stood by and did nothing while Americans were murdered.

The father of Tyrone Woods (the former SEAL who died along with Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith) asked the question yesterday: “Who made the decision not to save my son?”

Was it Barack Obama?

If so, impeachment hearings should begin immediately.

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14 comments to Video: Obama Watched Them Die

  • YeahRight

    Actually 'barry' didn't see them die…he was too busy flying off to yet another political junket fund raiser in Las Vegas for his re-election…as he has done for almost the last 4 years!!!

  • Guest

    I'm a big fan of Kris Zane. I can imagine Kris typing away in a ratty Riverside apartment, desperately trying to earn the world's attention with his cutting-edge news before he heads off to work busing tables at the Riverside Denny's.

  • Tatersalad

    Barack Obama watched them die and he doesn't give a damn either. His only goal in life right now is to get re-elected. I honestly believe that if one of his daughters was in the consulate at the time of the massacre, he would have turned his head also to protect his re-election chances and that Al-Qaeda is dead. Problem Mr. President, when you took office, Al-Qaeda was only in 2 countries and now they are in 34 countries. Your foreign policy is a complete failure.…!

  • jonodough

    will somebody with stones drag this mother f*cker out of the white house and put him on trial? anyone?

  • Jeff

    There was no 'live video' of the attack. The drone arrived after that attack was over.

    Forces were also sent from Tripoli and the Libyan militia to rescue the staff, but let the facts contradict your article.

  • Mike

    Although murder has no Statute of Limitations, very serious crimes like Fraud, Grand theft, Robbery and other Felonies are deemed "null and invalid" after a certain number of years. The POS in the White House also enjoys Executive Privilege until he either completes his term or is voted out of office. Until then,any chances of prosecuting him are slim to none in light of the fact that so many jurists and legislators were complicit in covering up the crimes. Impeachment isn't even a viable alternative! How can you "impeach" an ineligible usurper who, by lawful definition, was never a 'legal' president? The only recourse in such a situation is arrest by a qualified law enforcement entity like the U.S. Marshal, the FBI or an action by Congress. IMHO, 2012 is the "beginning of the end" for the 2 party system. Thanks to people like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Chuck Baldwin, Dr Edwin Vieira Jr and hundreds of others, voters are finally starting to realize that BOTH parties share the SAME agendas, ideas and policies. The only difference is their rhetoric !

  • James

    So far as I can tell, this is a false internet meme. What are the sources for this story? WHO says there were LIVE video feeds? What are the names of the witnesses?

    • SadAmerican4America

      That they watched a live feed as the "murders" were happening was all over the news at the time. Everyone knew that Benghazigate was being watched as it happened. All traitors to America!!!

  • Jeanette

    We don't have enough "leaders" with any backbone for anything unpleasant to happen to Obama, at least from any action of theirs.

  • I'm sick of America giving this man a free pass! He is the most corrupt president in American history, yet Congress sits by, dumb clucks that they are, and allows him to intimidate them, humiliate them, treat them like children, destroy our Constitution, and dictate to America! They do nothing. They should ALL be fired, impeached, recalled — whatever it takes! The Congress is a corrupt disgrace, along with the POTUS and his minions and cronies who surround him, and our worthless and traitor SCOTUS.

  • John

    Treason arreast his ass and his other asses

  • WRV

    I believe Obma made a deal with the devil. He was in an a close election and realized the Middle East was about to explode. In exchange for the Al Queda laying low on massive killings, he agreed to hand over a few Americans on September 11, 2012. This calmed the terrorist in the fact that they could have American blood on this day. When you look at the deaths that surround both Obama and the Clintons and all the murder/suicides that took place to people close to these two pathetic individuals, it can't be a coincidence that no suspicions are raised by the press, the FBI or the CIA. Going forward you realize why Fats and Furious was not prosecuted, Bengazi, New Black Panthers etc etc. All these events are all part of the planning of the extreme left to destroy America from within. It is not a conspiracy when the president hires Van Jones and Van Jones, within weeks of garnering his Green Czar position goes on a rampage on how he will utilize global warming to destroy every reminence of America's Constitutional Republic. Now we hear the U.N. is voting on taxing America into oblivian utilizing Global Warming. Hilary Clinton even turned the State of Arizona into the U.N. for human rights violations.