Will Obama Strike?

Barack Obama Phone SC Will Obama Strike?

As we taxi toward election Day, I’ve been hearing some pundits and prognosticators suggest the possibility that BHO may launch a retaliatory military operation against those responsible for the Benghazi massacre. The obvious reason would be an attempt to garner some twelfth hour support from undecided voters who would view him with greater deference and leadership. Personally, I don’t think he will do anything of the sort because he has more to lose than gain.

It’s no secret that the biggest concern on the mind of most Americans is the current state of the economy and not another al Qaeda strike. Voters understand that you cannot hit one out of the park and win the game when you’re already too many runs behind. We also understand that there will be another game at another time in another place. That time will eventually come when Governor Romney becomes President Romney.

I was not particularly impressed by the foreign policy debate a few nights ago. Bill Maher (whom I generally despise) quipped that he has seen greater ideological differences between Jehovah Witnesses. I took away more than a seeming alignment between the candidates on matters international.

Mittney may lack hands-on experience with international political affairs save for his extensive business dealings. However, like another Republican former governor-turned-president, Mr. Romney has enough leadership wisdom to not tip his hand during a pre-election debate with the incumbent. Instead, he elegantly succeeded in presenting himself with an authentic sense of moderation and diplomacy. In short, he was presidential in appearance and demeanor.

When the Governor becomes our next president, he will surround himself with the best military and foreign affairs experts available. He will lead with confidence and appropriate assertiveness without apologies or appeasement. His administration, unlike the current one, will be prepared to respond swiftly and definitively to any international aggression against the United States and its territories. He is not likely to take any new offensive military actions because at least one of those is still lingering in Afghanistan.

If BHO were to strike this late in the game, it would be seen for what it is – a last-ditch effort to flex already atrophied military might intended to improve his image as an international weakling. There are some who believe such a strike could precede an ulterior motive to ultimately declare a state of Martial Law in order to justify the cancellation of the upcoming election.

While I regard myself as an arch conservative, I believe that declaring a national state of emergency is highly implausible because it would lead to widespread civil unrest if not outright civil war. I do however acknowledge at least the possibility of the imposition of military rule if BHO is granted another four year pass to the White House. Doing so would be a logical result of four more years of social and economic destruction brought about by continuing BHO’s current policies.

BHO is a narcissistic political animal well versed in the politics of Marx entwined with a personal vision of a new world order. He perceives himself more as a world leader than the leader of the world’s greatest republic. He wants to level the playing field (his words, not mine) for more than just the middle class. He would like to see a United Nations of Earth that includes as many countries as possible while equalizing the exploitation of our planet‘s resources.

Some will disagree that Barack Hussein Obama is a dangerous man. They see him as a well-intentioned, altruistic leader who sincerely wants the greatest good for the highest number of people. The question we should be asking ourselves is: how encompassing is his vision of a constituency?

I for one surmise that he does not limit his dream to the citizens of this country. Rather, he envisions the citizens of the world in the long run because his upbringing is rooted in international cultures. We are all products of our childhood experiences. He is unquestionably an internationalist first and an American second. Even though it has not been unequivocally established that he has at least dual citizenship, circumstantially he is a citizen of multiple countries and cultures. He spent a significant amount of his childhood in Indonesia. Is he Christian or Muslim? He proclaims the former while sympathizing with the latter.

No other president has ever proclaimed the Islamic morning call to prayer “one of the prettiest sounds on earth.” During an interview as candidate Obama, he may have slipped when he stated that “John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith,” but he did not correct this awkward moment until the interviewer did. People ordinarily do not commit such a faux pas unless the subject is firmly ingrained within.

It is not just BHO who envisions himself as a world leader. In a recent “worldwide” poll taken in 21 countries, Obama is overwhelmingly the preferred candidate above Mr. Romney. France was the top country with 72%, indicating they are pro-Obama, giving credence to the widely-held perception of many American voters that the current president favors a Euro-ization of the United States. His support is also very high in Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Canada.

If the best predictor of future action is past behavior, there is little basis for taking a chance that BHO’s chronic policies will change one iota. He has not indicated in any public forum that he intends to change anything. Rather, his new slogan is “Forward”, indicating full speed ahead with no change in course. The only change we can all count on is the eventual decimation of the United States of America as we know it.

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  • YeahRight

    …barry doesn't have to worry about striking his mooslem friends in Libya since there is a supposed 'hurricane' getting ready to hit the area he resides in on our dime…and if it does look how 'presidential' he is by slaying the big bad 'hurricane' in its tracks!