Will Voter Fraud Taint This Election?

voter fraud Will Voter Fraud Taint This Election?

America used to have the most democratic elections in the world. It doesn’t anymore. Antiquated technology, along with the failure to clean dirty voter rolls of dead and moved voters, plus gridlock blocking efforts to fix the problems, have left our system in shambles.

The highly respected Pew Center reports that 1.8 million dead people are still on the voting rolls. And with an electorate so closely divided, voter fraud could easily swing key races and even determine who sits in the Oval Office in January 2013.

The problems have become so systemic that a 100-member observer mission for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (or OSCE) is flying in monitors to see if our elections are still fair.

The Moscow Times is reporting that among the observer mission are Communists such as Olga Alimova; she is a member of the Russian Duma. This will be the second time that Alimova has worked as an election observer; she recently watched the parliamentary elections in autocratic Belarus.

How embarrassing for America. Communists like Alimova have to come and watch our elections.

Regardless of who wins, for an election to be successful in a free society, everyone needs to leave the polls feeling that they have had a say and that the election was fair. Distrust of elections will continue to heighten the tensions between parties and lead to the alienation of Americans that believe that the outcome was rigged.

As a voter, there are steps you can take to help improve the system. A number of organizations have sprung up in the last few years to help you protect and secure the voting in your area.

First, consider offering to serve as an election official. Many communities are still searching for volunteers to work on Election Day.

Also, immediately report suspected fraud to your local elections board.

Finally, speak out in favor of reforming the system. Rep. Joe Walsh recently re-introduced the Federal Election Integrity Act. This bill would mandate that citizens present a government-issued photo ID to vote in federal elections, and it provides money to states to provide IDs to those who cannot afford them.

Rep. Walsh knows the problems; he was elected in Illinois, a state with a history of voter fraud and stolen elections. Walsh said in his statement about the bill: “I want to be clear on something. I want to make sure every American eligible to vote has the opportunity to do so, and more importantly, I want to ensure that everyone who does vote has their vote counted. However, every fraudulent vote cast cancels out any cast by honest Americans – and that is what I am opposed to.”

Voter fraud exists. It is the duty of every American to help safeguard the integrity of the system. This year, keep your eyes peeled and on the alert. Maybe next time, the Russian Communists will stay at home.

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3 comments to Will Voter Fraud Taint This Election?

  • YeahRight

    As a famous American governor (who once was said to be on a ticket as VP) stated….YOU BETCHA!!!

  • jonodough

    obama is pushing the idea of early voting. i wonder if those people will be able to vote numerous times and then again on nov. 6? since voter id is not being enforced i would guess that rampant voter fraud will be taking place. what a mess obama has made of this country. think of the billions of dollars the govt will have to rape from us to fix it on top of everything else it rapes us for. america has really changed since the time of our founding fathers. its really sad.

    • taxed2death

      let me guess…the obamaphones are for calling the ows up on election day to rouse them from their hangover induced sleep and remind them to get to the voting booths?