Video: “If Obama Was White, He Wouldn’t Be President”

Another episode of “Common Sense TV” from ET Williams.

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9 comments to Video: “If Obama Was White, He Wouldn’t Be President”

  • jonodough

    thank you sir.

    • MrBigStrongBill

      The martyrs at Benghazi were left for dead by an incompetent president and State dept. They were sacrificed for political purposes by a regime led by a Muslim sympathizer. There is little doubt that this Admin. knew what was at stake and chose to do nothing to assist the embassy in its fight with Al-Queda. Obama and Hillary should be impeached and resign their positions. They left them for dead!!!!

      • upaces88

        He wasn't/isn't incompetent. He knew exactly what he was/is doing.

        The sad thing is…we can't imagine a U.S. President committing acts that help to destroy America. I have read terms like: Clueless, incompetent, idiot, inexperienced, etc. He KNOWS exactly what he is doing. He is systematically installing “radical” islamist leadership in every middle-eastern country we are getting involved with. If he is allowed another 4 years, which it is a real possibility, every country in the region will fall under control of the Muslim brotherhood. With China and Russia lurking behind the scenes and Obama being complicit, the rest of the free world will not have the power to resist and will be in grave danger of succumbing to tyranny with little hope for escape. We will then be next. This bill current debated in the Senate will give the president the authority via the military to imprison any US citizen deemed a threat indefinitely without benefit of a trial. There are dozens of FEMA camps that are more akin to prisons than relief centers capable of containing over a million people, on stand-by, right here on our own soil. One word from the president and martial law is imposed, we lose the 2nd amendment and there is no freedom left anywhere on earth.

        Precedent has already been established for the extra-judicial killings of US citizens, just this year with the Awlaki killing.
        He has now implemented the "peaceful" (and I say this in sarcasm) Martial Law. He has more than a clue, he has a plan and the means to carry it out.

        • ItsJo

          Your post is Absolutely correct. I have posted the same words, when people say he's incompetent-HE DOES KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HE'S DOING AND IT IS ALL DELIBERATE. He think "Arrogant(his words)America needs to be brought down a peg or two, and answerable to the U.N. & Int'l Law-This(with the help of Hillary, the other Alinskyite) is ALready happening. They want to control 'America's freedom of speech(against the perv Mo)
          and gun control-that Hillary has Already initiated, via Sm.ArmsTreaty) To those of us really paying attention, this
          is ALL done with the COMPLICIT LAPDOG LIBERAL MEDIA FOR OBAMA-the people around him that are the Communist Crowd of 'red diaper babies-Which Obama IS ONE) Valerie Jarret-born in Iran, who certainly HAS MORE PROTECTION THAN THE 4 AMERICANS WHO WERE MURDERED BY THE SAVAGE ISLAMISTS IN BENGHAZI- Obama OWNS this one, and the LapDog Media, isn't EVEN reporting on this- Romney MUST WIN THIS ELECTION, OR upaces88, your post is correct. We will NOT HAVE A FREE REPUBLIC, & WILL BE DONE FOR SURE. All of you can read about "Obama's Communism Past @ A.I.M.—Please pass it along to all

      • upaces88

        He is right. Had he been white? He would have been impeached a long time ago.

  • davie

    if obumbler were AMERICAN instead of muzzie-commie , white black or pink .. America gave him a chance and he f***ed it up…

  • Patricko

    What a RACIST and HATE MONGER who HATES Black people with his "Hate Speech" towards Obama…..oh wait, he be is Black, and be slamming Obama like any ole WHITEY would do, so this dude be an Uncle Tom "House Nigga", right? Well, no, he just is speaking his mind, and using his BRAIN to THINK…which many blacks are not allowed to do. Blacks can't be conservative or disagree with left wing Policies and remain "black". Ask Herman Cain. Ask Clarence Thomas. They are not considered "Black men". Why not? Because politics of the Black Community "Leaders" expect black folk to simply adhere to whatever left wing SLAVERY brings their way, and of course RACISM can NEVER go away, lest these LEECHES off the Black Community would have to go out and get a REAL job….

    More power to this guy, who is simply stating his mind, and can see what most objective and fair minded folks can see, that Obama is a FRAUD, has been a FRAUD from day 1, the Congress and Media REFUSE to do their "Vetting" process on him because if they did, he would be shown as Ineligible to be the President of the United States due to him not being a "Natural Born Citizen" which he doesn't dispute that his father was NOT a U.S. Citizen, and his mother wasn't old enough to pass Citizenship on to him, yet all that doesn't matter. They sure crawled up McCain's butt with a microscope to see if he had been legally eligible to become President, as he was born in Panama, on an Army Base which was considered U.S. Soil, and also, both of his parents were U.S. Citizens, so he passed the test, a test that Barry "Affirmative Action President'" Obama would not have passed were he held to the same scrutiny as McCain, but he wasn't. Alas, how tragic huh?