Video: Can The Police Take Your Gun During A National Emergency?

As superstorm Sandy was preparing to pound the Eastern United States, Cam Edwards of NRA News joined Glenn Beck on his television program Monday to discuss Americans’ gun rights during a state of emergency.

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2 comments to Video: Can The Police Take Your Gun During A National Emergency?

  • upaces88

    Welllll, let's see now. He and Holder had F&F…then they screwed the pooch because it got so out of hand.
    Now, they are going to try it again?

    IF they can't even keep up with their own guns they plant in the hands of Mexican Cartel(s) and NOW those in Libya… why the hell do they think they can be responsible enough to take anyone's guns away ?
    They don't even have enough common sense to know how to handle weapons and they are coming after the guns again of U.S. Citizens who KNOW HOW TO HANDLE weapons and have done it since 1776.

    They showed once again in Libya just how irresponsible they are OR deliberately caused violence…either way, they lost the guns AGAIN and more Innocent people were murdered BECAUSE OF THEM…NOT US!

    Watch for this next…and remember where you read it. HE WILL DO SOMETHING SO OUTRAGEOUS and out of character for our country WITHIN our own country to build upon to take the guns away. Watch for it.
    I do hope the media is paying close attention.
    They ARE FINALLY SPEAKING OUT for US vs. defending him.

  • upaces88

    2002: There were 52,447 deliberate and 23,237 accidental non-fatal gunshot injuries in the United States during 2000. The majority of gun-related deaths in the United …

    Aug 9, 2012 – 310 million — Total number of nonmilitary firearms in the United States as of 2009. CNN iReport: 5 things gun owners want you to know …

    You do the math…..