Only Racism Can Explain Obama’s Low Poll Numbers, Says The Left

Chris Matthews SC Only racism can explain Obama’s low poll numbers, says the left

“I think it’s a statement against the white people to talk like this,” moaned MSNBC’s Chris “Tingles” Matthews about the racist Sarah Palin having accused Barack Obama of a “shuck and jive” attempt to dodge the Benghazi issue. A typical member of the far left, Tingles doesn’t believe white voters could be displeased with Obama’s policies and actions as president. His lagging poll numbers MUST therefore be the result of racism.

Obama spent two weeks lying about the Benghazi mission story, all for the purpose of protecting his Regime’s fabrication of a glorious and peaceful Arab Spring.  After the Democrat-hyped killing of Osama bin Laden, Barack boasted that al Qaeda was “on the run” and Middle East terrorism a thing of the past. Perhaps he believed the mainstream media would protect him from the real story of the Benghazi mission attack getting to the public. But emails have now been leaked proving the White House knew from the beginning that terrorists, not movies, were responsible for 4 American deaths. And though many of his fawning media acolytes will bury the story of the Regime’s Muhammed movie scam, the years have taught a great many voters that Obama is a pathological liar.

For 2 years, Barack and his criminal Attorney General have ignored congressional subpoenas for information about the Regime’s deadly, 2nd Amendment-subverting scheme Fast and Furious. In the end, Obama had to assert a claim of executive privilege to prevent Republican congressmen from obtaining proof of Eric Holder’s guilt in managing the cover-up of an affair that cost hundreds of lives. Another fine character reference for The One.

Obama has presided over 8% unemployment, 4 years of $1 trillion deficits, the doubling of gas prices, and the deliberate and calculated assassination of the middle class, all to pay homage to his Marxist upbringing and lifelong contempt for the United States. He has spent his entire term of office blaming these and other problems of his own manufacture on George Bush. But only hardcore Obama supporters are still buying his excuses.

Of course, Obama has spent years and quite a bit of money preventing anyone from looking into the sealed records of his past and demanding he prove his constitutional eligibility to be president. Millions of Americans have lost patience with this evasion and dishonesty.

The arrogant Obama has broken the law and ignored the constitutional restraints placed upon executive authority, knowing that the obliging and less-than-courageous Republican leadership would say and do nothing about it. But 4 years of such contempt for the American people have taken their toll on Obama’s “hopenchange” image. For though he may own the national media, the internet is still available for those interested in proclaiming or discovering the truth.

Yet according to the far left, it is not these harmless little peccadilloes that have caused the American public to consider Mitt Romney as the next occupant at Pennsylvania Avenue.  No, Matthews and his ilk are certain that racism is the real reason Obama will be an ex-president next week.

Someone should tell Matthews that although the foolish and easily-led put Obama in office, Americans will throw him out. The MSNBC hack should get a REAL tingle out of that.

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2 comments to Only Racism Can Explain Obama’s Low Poll Numbers, Says The Left

  • dan stewart

    What is racist about not wanting our country to be destroyed?? I voted against the record of this man, not against him (voted early). It would be wrong not to vote for him because he is black, but equally wrong to vote for him just because he is black. I have been called a racist because I supported Herman Cain, the left can't have it both ways, although they sure try to.

  • tiredofbums

    It’s always racism with these idiots. It can’t be anything else. It’s their rallying cry. I’m not politically correct. I’ll call an incompetant fool an incompetant fool. I’ll also state that this charlatan, this con man, this community organizer, this lier and cheat needs to GOOOOOO! SEE, not once did I use the words black, negro, zebra, homo, communist, marxist, ego maniac, narcissist, or muslim. I’ll save all those words for when He’s flying to Hawaii to his new taxpayer subsidized home with the soon exwife and kids. You didn’t think that they would stay married after he loses the election did you? They hate each other. They are the best actors we have in this nation. They really should get Oscars for the show they put on for the last four years. I have them divorced by April or May, 2013. He’ll go back to his B’ boys and she will be free to spend gobs of money on herself and the girls. Purely mercenary the both of them. All at our expense. I’m sure their self will could and will run riot and lead them both to ruin.