Video: Taxpayers Green For Obama’s Green Cronies

Obama has flushed billions of dollars in hard-earned taxpayer money down the drain with his Green energy cronies. We all know about the $500 million flushed down the toilet in the Solyndra debacle. But now Abound Solar is in the news, not because Obama wasted $60 million of our money, but because recently uncovered emails put the White House smack dab in the middle of shoving money into this bankrupt, criminally-indicted boondoggle.

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1 comment to Video: Taxpayers Green For Obama’s Green Cronies

  • ItsJo

    Obama has "Illegally taken taxpayers money, to PAY BACK his corporate cronies for their bundling/raising cash for him in the elections". This bankrupt Green Co., should ALL be jailed for 'duping the taxpayers into setting up a 'Dummie Co" for financial GAINS FOR THEIR PEOPLE IN CHARGE". They KNEW they wouldn't make it a go, JUST as Solyndra, but the President "WAS HANDING OUT MONEY, AS IF IT WERE HIS OWN, AND THUMBED HIS NOSE AT THE PEOPLE WHO PAID THE TAX MONEY HE USED FOR HIS CORPORATE CRONIES-AND VOTER BASE"……HE SHOULD BE CHARGED FOR "ALL THIS WASTE HE FOOLISHLY SPENT ON A WHIM, AS IF IT WAS HIS"