Black Leaders Claim NBA Team Too White

NBA SC Black leaders claim NBA team too white

Civil rights leaders in and around Minneapolis have recently expressed vocal criticism of their professional basketball team because it doesn’t contain enough black players.

The Minnesota Timberwolves’ roster does contain a smaller proportion — 33 percent — of black players than other teams in the league. Considering blacks make up just over 13 percent of the general population, though, the Wolves have actually over-represented the race by more than 250 percent!

Such facts mean nothing to black leaders who see racial discrimination under every rock.

The chairman of St. Paul’s African American Leadership Council said that fewer-than-average black players is likely a ploy to satiate a white (and ostensibly racist) Minnesota fan base.

“I think everything is a strategy,” he said. “Nothing happens by happenstance.”

The leader went on to say that the current team “resembles the 1955 Lakers.”

Another area civil rights leader echoed those sentiments, insinuating “that it was calculated” and calling Minnesota “a pretty white state.”

Furthermore, he called the team “a nullification of diversity and a reversal of history.”

A team official defended the roster decisions and called the race-baiters’ accusations “patently false.”

He also explained that the team showed interest in two black free agents, though other teams were able to snatch them up.

Even though there are fewer blacks, the team spokesperson said, there’s plenty of diversity among this year’s Timberwolves. In fact, half of the white players on the team were born outside of America.

Still, to determine whether players feel discriminated against, one might want to hear directly from black members of the team.

The only black player set to start for the team said he doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

“It’s just basketball,” he said, explaining he “never really had to feel like … the only black guy out here.”

Affirmative action legislation has done enough harm to race relations in this nation already. When civil rights leaders, upset by the dearth of real racial injustice, levy such incomprehensible attacks as this, it further drives a wedge between citizens living in harmony with one another and those who see everyone with a different skin tone as an enemy.


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