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Americans are being systematically targeted and murdered by the Obama Administration on suspicions alone and without respect to Due Process of Law. There is no trial by jury and no appeal, just an execution that is carried out by agents of the US Government on orders of the President.

An “extrajudicial killing” is defined as the killing of a person by government authorities without any judicial proceedings or sanctioned legal process. It is by definition unlawful, as it bypasses the Due Process of Law in the jurisdiction in which it is carried out in.

When President Obama ordered the deaths of Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan for suspected terrorist activities, he conspired in the unlawful murder of American Citizens. These men, both Americans, were summarily executed along with others without any respect for the Law.

There is no question that Barack Obama conspired to commit the murders of Americans. Not only has he admitted his role in the deaths of these Americans, he has defended his participation in these unlawful acts against these Americans, deeming them a threat to the United States.

All Americans are at risk of “extrajudicial killing” if and when they are deemed a threat to the United States. Any citizen of this country may be put to death without Due Process of Law upon orders of Barack Obama.

To protect Americans from wanton murder at the hands of government agents , the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Congressman Lamar Smith, must propose a Resolution calling for the Judiciary Committee to begin a formal inquiry into the issue of impeaching Barack Obama for the crime of murder.

This is the only way for our elected officials to prove that no one is above the Rule of Law.


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13 comments to The Petition To Impeach Barack Obama

  • Charles S Vaught

    Impeachment of Obama at this late date, is like a pardon from the Governor after they flipped the switch! It is four years and 15 Trillion Dollars too late. Corruption and abuse of power is systemic throughout all departments and Branches of our government, our Courts, our Banking Institutions, and Legislative bodies. The Unied States is no longer a Constitutional "Republic" under Rule of Law. United States is a Bankrupt Corporation in receivership to our nation's Creditor, since Erie Railroad -v- Thompkins (1938) Wherein the US high Court Ruled "All Law is Commerce!"
    Murder is no longer a Crime under the Common Law, because you took a life without cause. Murder is now a Crime because you deprived the State of its expected Revenue. Wake Up America! Charles

    • wcouch

      MISTER your right on!!

    • YeahRight

      Well said…there a millions of us that think the same…

      • Voice of Reason

        I call bull on that. There are thousands of you at most, in a country of billions.

        • Randyg

          Well, then bull on this,, there are billions of us at most, in a country of billions…Obama has broken the law and he is going down for TREASON. He has showed his A$$ to the point that he has broken the law and now he needs to pay his debt to WE THE PEOPLE…WE are the ones that he has stepped on when he felt like it and now he has to go…

  • dan stewart

    Impeachment only works if the so-called president is legal. I firmly believe that obummer is NOT a constitutionally legal president. If he were a US citizen, why would he hide every part of his life?? The dumo-rats are part of the cover up & should be prosecuted along with obummer. Don't impeach, arrest for treason & throw his butt in prison until the usual punishment for treason can be carried out. If there are riots, so be it, the majority have plenty of ammo & will use it.

    • YeahRight

      I have been saying the same thing for 4 damn years!!!

    • Charles S Vaught

      Neither is UNITED STATES a Republic! It has been secretly altered to a Delaware Corporation. UNITED STATES Inc. (a private, for profit foreign Corporation). Each of the several States are now also Incorporated in Deleware as Private, for profit , foreign Corporations. It is a lot latter than we think. We are in essense electing a new CEO. There are no remaining Article III Courts of Common Law in America. The Bill of Rights are Common Law Rights! Without Article III Common Law Courts, there is no place where Rights may be claimed. The Admiralty Gold Fringed Flag now in all Public Offices declares we are again in Admiralty, (the Law of the Sea). The very system from which our forefathers fought to free themselves. This is the cost of non-vigilence. Participation in Politics is a whole lot like making Stew. If you don't stir the hell out of it occasionally, all the Scum rises to the top! Charles

  • Chew

    Most websights I visit post this poll and question and I have found them not worthy of a response.I have been anticipeting a poll asking "Shoulld Barack Hussine Obama be charged with crimes against the state and should punishment consist of five Mariens or five Seals or perhaps one member of our selective services including one civilian.Go ahead…MAKE MY DAY!

  • Ghetto Ryder

    Just watch……if Obama is re-elected the Good True Americans (there are many in Congress) will go after Obama "Full Blast"….!!! They have so far avoided it….hoping that Romney will win……and Obama will then be GONE….!!! Freedom is like Health……if you DON'T have it……NOTHING else matters…..!!! Wake Up America……!!! VOTE-Romney/Ryan….!!!

  • YeahRight

    Dude…that is only a dream…if the wimps in the legislative and judicial branch haven't gone after him yet…they won't in the next 4 years…remember WE THE PEOPLE have no standing!!!

  • Voice of Reason

    Because internet petitions are sooooooooooooooooo effective.