Video: Congress Needs To Hold Obama Accountable

And they need to do it NOW!!

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7 comments to Video: Congress Needs To Hold Obama Accountable

  • upaces88

    I don't like saying this…but NOT ONE THING WILL HAPPEN.
    There "was" an impeachment process announced a couple of days ago."
    Where is it?
    Just like the other two, it simply disappeared.

  • Jeanette

    Two words: FAT CHANCE

    • upaces88

      True! Very true!!
      Where the! hell is the Military!!!

      • Justice Must AWAKEN

        did you see the video on this blog, yesterday, with the veteran
        giving a true account of how it all went down, and how the
        administration did NOTHING.. .did not sent in Special Ops,
        did not send in F-16's which were only minutes away.

        Search for it.. the veteran said the military is outraged
        about that Benghazi betrayal. He said that when
        it is brought out in all its timing, etc, Obama will be impeached.

        We can only hope. (though he is not president so hanged is better)

        • upaces88

          I have that video in my files.
          Just a tiny, but important correction.
          We don't impeach a sitting president for Treason.
          That, my friend is a firing squad.

        • upaces88

          Justice, please read this article and watch the video. The horror in Libya is being addressed
          They were NOT left to die…they were set up to die:
          To understand the whole Benghazi mess, I mean, REALLY understand it, one has to look at it from several points of reference.
          If, after reading this, you feel there is nothing here to get worked up over, you’re simply not paying attention.
          I will admit that I have followed this with a greater intensity than many but, for a damned good reason.
          I have gone so far as to call this treason and, I stand by that call but, as Catherine Herridge, Jennifer Griffen and others at Fox News reveal pieces of the puzzle, my job of connecting the dots into a picture becomes more and more disturbing.
          Let’s break this cover-up down.
          The Pre Attack Scandal.

          Continue with the article and the video:

          • Justice Must AWAKEN

            Read the article.. we are in agreement that one cannot impeach
            an impostor. Hanging/firing squad/electric chair/guillotine….
            any way that works, would be the answer to that question.

            Yes, of course it is treason. Obama is notorious for
            betrayal of the men and women in the military,
            or any other aspect that deals with the defense of
            our country.

            Giving guns, giving money, giving parties,
            giving admiration, giving help in any way,
            shape, or form to the enemy.. he does that
            well, and voters have not caught on to this

            They will get what they asked for.

            The mesmerized, the leeches,
            the blacks, the illegals, the muslim
            infiltrators, and last but not least,
            the voting machines, the counting
            of ballots, in Spain??? is that what
            I last heard? How bizarre is that?

            Anything that could go wrong with this
            election, went wrong, including a
            record-breaker storm of the century.

            Kind of makes you wonder if there is
            a plan from above.