The Impostor Must Go!

Obama Captain Intel Good Or Bad Guys SC The Impostor Must Go!

Obama is a fraud, and so is our Congress for having allowed this impostor to bring America down to its knees. Our system of Government no longer works when there is an impostor allowed to play president, and not a single member of Congress is willing to honor their oath of office by simply questioning his eligibility.

Obama allowed Americans to die in Benghazi. His entire senior dysfunctional staff knew exactly what he knew, as did they, and they also know what he did not do, which was to provide the military support that the two ex-Navy SEALs and the Ambassador requested.

His inaction resulted in the untimely deaths of four Americans; and when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey and New York, Obama stands up and gives a speech saying that “America is tough, we all pull together, and we never leave anyone behind.” Oh really, Mr. Obama? What did you do in Benghazi; did you not elect to leave those Americans including our Ambassador behind, to be slaughtered by radical Muslims?

I am actually surprised that you did not call what happened in Benghazi workplace violence, like you did the Fort Hood murders and injuries to so many American military personal. It disgusts me that you call yourself Commander-in-Chief, as I am certain that it also disgusts absolutely every man or women in either the present or past military. If a single member of the past or present military casts a vote for you, they must be mentally deranged.

I hope and pray that Governor Romney beats you in a landslide, and I hope that the truth about your ineligibility finally surfaces, and that you are arrested and prosecuted for your many crimes against America.

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3 comments to The Impostor Must Go!

  • Steve

    When the truth comes out about this pantomime president, if he is allowed to escape any prosecution, I hope the American people make certain that this imposter gets no Secret Service protection, no benefits of any kind and most importantly no presidential pension.
    Let him get a real job for the first time in his hateful, prevaricating life.

    • Jeanette

      If he's what I suspect he is, he should be deported to Kenya or Indonesia, assuming he survives any sentences for espionage and being an accomplice before and after four murders (just to name a couple of his crimes).

      • Steve

        Good idea!-how about deportation to Benghazi? Let's see how long he lasts there with his muslim buddies.