The Sullification Of “Liberal”

Liberal SC The Sullification of Liberal

During the Presidential campaign of 1964, it seemed to me that the term by which I had always described myself was co-opted by those who wished to re-label their totally discredited Socialist agenda. It reminded me of a ridiculous campaign sponsored by the State of Florida several years ago to rename my favorite fish, “Mullet”, as “Lisa”. Apparently, the powers-that-were became convinced that the reason this delicious fish product did not enjoy higher sales was due to its unfortunate name. Bear in mind that this was before “mullet” was widely used to describe a hair style. The most popular hair style for men at that time was the “Flat Top”, which I proudly wore for many years.

It seems that people are always trying to relabel unpalatable notions, as if the name alone could elevate the concept. Witness “The Peoples’ Republic of Whatever”. No nations on earth afforded less control to the people than those making the loudest claims in that direction.

Why would anyone fail to support a “National Socialist Party”? It was several years before the public came to associate their acronym, “NAZI”, with unpleasantness.

Why would anyone oppose legislation deceptively entitled “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”? What is there to dislike? Are those who oppose the legislation truly opposed to free health care for all? Why do we continue to fight it? Everyone knows that the government is all-wise and benevolent, don’t they. Is it simply because no one who voted for it read the entire bill? Is it because it incorporates a plethora of totally unrelated intrusions into our personal lives and significantly increases taxes? Is it because it increases the Federal debt far beyond the increased benefits, if any? No, no, no. Ask anyone who reads the NYT before wrapping the garbage with it. They know that the only reason we oppose such fine legislation is because we are greedy and do not care about the welfare of those less fortunate. What they don’t know is that the true reason for our opposition is that we are unrepentant racists. That’s right. Anyone who disagrees with this ham-fisted encroachment on individual rights does so only because he is one of the slime called “racists”.

Any number of laws may be passed in this country that make clear distinctions of benefits and penalties based entirely on the race of the individual, but they are not racist. No, it is only those who value their inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness over a deceptively- named monstrosity of legislation. We are the racists and deserve no protection of the law, nor any pity when we are properly punished.

“Liberal” is now used more often when describing the Socialist movement than the term “Socialist”, which has acquired a well-deserved negative image. The problem with socialism is that it doesn’t work. When the opportunity to live better through harder work is removed from human beings, they cease to try. I know this on a personal level. In my last year or so of college, it became apparent to me that my grades were not affected by the degree of preparation I was willing to apply to them. It was a small school; and by the time we reached the final year, the faculty knew us well enough to ease off on the huge task of seriously evaluating our work. I found that my grades were identical when I worked as hard as possible and when I merely showed up for class. (In those days, showing up for class was not an option, and no points were given for spelling your name correctly). My response to this realization was to divert my efforts to those tasks that were affected by my output, such as party time.

Many of my German friends grew up in East Germany. Other friends are Lithuanian, Romanian, Estonian, Polish, and Russian. One of my sons married a Ukrainian; another married a Bulgarian. These people know the difference between the claims of those who subvert the meaning of a beautiful concept and their actions, which demean all. Those in this country who sit idly by and accept the lies of the mainstream media are greasing the downward slide into the same type of totalitarianism my friends and family so recently escaped. Some of those still living in Eastern Europe want to go back to Communism. They only half-jokingly state that they had nothing under Communism, but at least it was guaranteed.

Everyone has a right to live under a system of their choosing, but it is hard not to worry that those who will vote for the Marxist in the coming election do not realize that they are selling us all into slavery.

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