Video: Navy SEAL: We Know More About SEAL Team Six Than We Do About Obama

Barack Obama has spilled classified information about SEAL Team Six, yet refuses to reveal his shadowy past, including his college transcripts.

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2 comments to Video: Navy SEAL: We Know More About SEAL Team Six Than We Do About Obama

  • Charlotte Juett

    Obama is the most concealed president this country has ever had. Nobody knows anything about him and won't until he is out of office for good. Without the power of the Executive Branch, he won't be able to conceal his malfeasance in office and his records will finally be investigated. We are likely to find that the whole of America has been conned by a fast talking shyster.

    • Watching and Waiting

      we know a few detrimental things about the impostor.

      he is a muslim
      he has our national debt in the trillions

      he has passed a so-called health reform
      which taxes Americans who can't and won't buy into it.

      he has threatened us with martial law and imprisonment
      without 'just cause'

      he has passed executive orders w/o the okay of Congress

      he has demoralized our military..why they don't revolt is amazing to me

      he has rigged elections in his favor

      he has thumbed his nose at court subpoenas and refused to
      appear in a number of court cases against him..

      if we did this, we'd be in solitary for the rest of our lives.

      he is a pervert and a abortionist

      he does not believe in God and when he said today
      'God bless you' it must have been a sword to his evil soul

      he does not salute or honor our flag

      he does not honor Christianity.. but has Muslim
      parties““` and his czars are a joke.. who would
      have thought we would have Russian czars in America?

      he has appointed perverted people to head up
      departments such as Education (nice!)

      there is a lot more we know about Obama.

      The above is enough to let those millions I see on TV
      cheering him on during his campaigning, change their
      minds about this wanna-be-king, if these millions only
      had some common sense.. they are blind. they will
      pay dearly for their votes if he is elected.. and if he IS
      elected, we know all about the Venezuela machines
      being rigged. Already it has been discovered that
      those voting for Romney .. the machines came out
      with Obama's name…. wonderful process for voting
      here in America. Where did it all go wrong?