Video: Obama’s Call For “Revenge” By Voting Reveals Corrupt Campaign

Barack Obama, the candidate of “hope” and “change” called for his supporters to get “revenge” on the American people by voting for him. How low will Obama stoop to win this election?

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1 comment to Video: Obama’s Call For “Revenge” By Voting Reveals Corrupt Campaign

  • Frances - Melbourne

    I am very puzzled why Obama thinks that he has the right to try to force States to do what he wishes. Does Obama need more voting days so that more of his followers can vote in more places for him? I seem to recall that there was talk during the last election when his ACORN group were urging people to go to different States to vote more often. As an Australian I have seen dirty campaigning with the current illegitimate Julia Gillard Labor Govt. in Australia, and Labor here has a history of having dead people vote for them. Personally I think that the US and Australia should prosecute our current criminal Leaders. Miss Gillard is under investigation here for her role in helping her former boyfriend rip off the Health Services Union, she was his lawyer and and helped him to do it. He is currently looking at prosecution.