One Plus One Doesn’t Equal Four More Years

Obama Official Portrait SC 752x1024 One Plus One Doesnt Equal Four More Years

Foreign and domestic policies under Obama have been utter failures.  From gun-walking in Mexico to bowing and cow-towing to enemies of the state to apologizing for America’s exceptional position in the world to having the blood of four dead Americans on his hands in Libya, the president has created chaos in an otherwise quasi-stable international scene. Israel no longer has an ally, although America’s citizenry would beg to differ, in the United States.

Domestically, Obama’s unemployment rate is slightly higher than when he took office, proving his financial policies have done nothing to help free enterprise.  The President’s forced Affordable Health Care Act has already resulted in higher premiums and deductibles across the nation.  He told the American public, while chuckling, that his not-ready-for-prime-time-shovel-ready-programs weren’t so shovel-ready.  Obama told people to stop spending money in Las Vegas, and they listened.  Nevada’s unemployment rate as of October 19th is 11.8%, the worst in the United States.  His infrastructure plan did little to excite the job market, and his support of closed-shop labor unions and higher tax rates on the upper and middle classes are on the verge of proving disastrous.

President Obama flip-flopped on his position of gay marriage, having declared a change of heart after Vice President Biden forced his hand.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with an individual changing his position on a given subject, especially a social one, but the timing of Obama’s announcement seemed very strange and circumspect given his previous position.

We have all witnessed Obama attempting to demean Governor Romney as both a human being and a businessman.  Covertly attacking his Mormon religion and publicly decrying his personal wealth, Obama paints himself as someone who disagrees with the American dream.  Choosing to penalize an individual who makes $200,000 per year, or a family making $250,000 per year, he appears to scream, “You can be comfortable, but only up to a certain amount.”  This dollar amount may have once been considered wealthy, but it is most assuredly middle class wages by today’s accounting.

Taking all of this into account, is there one reasonable person in the United States still willing to vote for Obama?  If we all believe the polls, there are those who will support the President no matter what.  Why anyone supports him or will vote for him is beyond most, but we must all continue to work hard in helping our friends to see the error of their ways.

As we cast our ballots, remember that you, your parents, and your grandparents DID BUILD THIS great nation. The Obama way will debilitate us further.  Is there any reason to think the next four years of our current president will be different or better than the first four?



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