Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

obama speech 7 SC Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

“Don’t boo, vote.  Voting is the best revenge.”  So spoke the anti-colonial ideologue Barack Hussein Obama.  What did he mean by this statement when he addressed his glassy-eyed followers at a recent campaign rally?  What sitting president has ever talked about exacting revenge on fellow Americans?  And lastly, what would drive President Obama to further the chasm already dug by his divisive Chicago campaign team?

At his core, Obama has a strong disdain for what he has perceived as American colonialism and strong-armed influence the world over.  From the former U.S. holding and now official state of Hawai’i, the President’s birthstate (if you believe that), to the more recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama has wanted nothing more than to make America atone for what he perceives as forced U.S. dominance.  Naturally, the mindless Obama drones believe the President was speaking about “revenge against Romney,” but that line of logic doesn’t make sense. What revenge could be extolled upon a man who has never been president?  That being said, a deeper look reveals Obama’s implied statement: “We will avenge America’s position in the world and all its imperialistic endeavors.”

No other sitting president has ever asked the American citizenry to turn on itself, but this one has.  Would he also call for the American public to take up arms and turn on one another?  With such a powerful and moronic statement, Obama continues to show the world his inability to lead a country and to hold the most powerful position in the free world.

President Obama will be remembered as the most derisive president in United States history.  In his own physiological make-up, he has no ties to ancestral American slavery.  Yet he subliminally plays on the anger and resentment black Americans still feel over the greatest injustice and travesty professed on Unites States record.  It’s sad that so many African-Americans have gravitated to this hate-filled rhetoric, but Obama continues to quietly rap the racial drum to keep this group incensed.  The President also attempts to divide the country by gender, touting his pro-woman position, which includes free birth control and continued government support for Planned Parenthood centers around the country.  In all honesty, most women have the same concerns as men—jobs and feeding their families.  Obama continues to drive a stake in the heart of organized religion in the United States as well, despite his self-aggrandized Christian beliefs. Forcing faith- based businesses to include free birth control in their healthcare plans, sitting in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s hateful “church”, and not supporting traditional marriage (a position he changed after Vice President Biden forced his hand), the President has assumed a totally secular position in his leftist-driven agenda.

More than any other election in American history, November 6th will forever determine the path our country will follow.  One road will drive us to our knees; the other will begin the healing we need.

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