Video: Navy SEALs Expose Obama

In this shocking video, United States Navy SEALs reveal that the SEAL community is not voting for President Obama because of his conduct as Commander in Chief.

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5 comments to Video: Navy SEALs Expose Obama

  • Ghetto Ryder

    Thank GOD that I'm OUT of the military…..I could NOT serve uinder this POS of a CIC…..To risk life and limb for this "scumbag" is totally unexceptable….!!! The general public that support this "bum" will feel the same way….when the s**t hits the fan on our homeland…..!!!

    • ssgrick

      I'm out now too and had I been on active duty under this guy I'd have resigned just to get away from this inept clusterfu*k. Carter was bad and I barely remained in service under him. obaMAO =Carter=obaMAO=carter and on it goes.
      This fool is NO Commander in Chief he's a coward in charge.

  • John

    Good for you ! Too many lies by our president.

  • azjen

    I find this so very sad. Tonight this man (BHO) won the presidency again. I do not feel that most that voted for BHO knew what has gone on in OUR White House (the leaks) & what hapened in Bengahzi. May God have mercy on all of us.

  • JONI

    *This is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that we are told has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for several weeks. It was a matter of time until the internet picked it up.*

    *Watch it now before it gets pulled from the internet!*