Video: Veteran Exposes Obama Cover-Up Of Benghazi

We need more people like this brave man speaking out…

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2 comments to Video: Veteran Exposes Obama Cover-Up Of Benghazi

  • Guest

    I love this veteran. Means what he says and says what he means. God bless all our veterans today and every day, especially this coming Veteran's Day.

    • Justice Must AWAKEN

      This video is a little late and should have been shown to all
      of America prior to this day of infamy… election of the muslim
      to the Oval Office, again.

      I hope this man is right.. Obama will be impeached when
      the veterans get through with him and his ilk.

      Impeached is not enough… and since he isn't a real
      president, he will instead be dragged out in handcuffs.

      What a day that will be.

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