Video: Krauthammer: Obama Won, But Has No Mandate

Charles Krauthammer weighs in on Obama’s victory last night.

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4 comments to Video: Krauthammer: Obama Won, But Has No Mandate

  • upaces88

    For about the 6th time I have said this.

    People in Ohio were turned away from the polls telling them “they had already voted.”
    SO not all of the votes were counted.
    Many cities reported that when they voted for Romney…the vote was given to Obama.
    The Mentally Ill voted again with people showing them how to vote for Obama.
    The New Black Panther Party was out in force in the large cities like Philidelphia.

    This is a repeat of the last election.
    My question is: Why didn’t Romney ask for an investigation?
    Was this the plan all along?

    We now have voting like 3rd world countries.

  • Don

    I am so disgusted with my fellow Americans. You jerks will get what you deserve ( unforturnately you have to drag the rest of us with you1!), and you won't be happy. So, don't complain about the country not going in the right direction. Don't complain about the debt, about a balanced budget, and about our weaken position in the world. Don't complain about high unemployment. Don't complain about the high cost of health care; you wanted it so don't complain if you don't like it. Don't complain about the decline of morality; you wanted evil, so don't complain. You screwed the country over!

    • upaces88

      Don, you don't have to be disgusted. He won this time just like last time with 'VOTER FRAUD."

      Ohio told people when they walked into vote they couldn't because "they already voted.

      Voter fraud was being reported all over the states.
      Again, he had people telling the mentally ill who to vote for.
      There were several of us who stayed on this for hours and hours watching what all was going on.

      What I don't understand is that Romney COULD have called for an investigation. My question is, why didn't he?

    • upaces88

      It was reported that people voted for Romney…but the vote SHOWED UP FOR OBAMA.