Why Romney Lost

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Dick Morris, Michael Barone, and Karl Rove all got it wrong. They thought Romney would win. Let us tell you why we never thought Obama would lose.

Republicans are too nice. In contrast, spending hundreds of millions of dollars, Obama set out to destroy the character of Mitt Romney. While telling stories about how Romney killed people and shipped their jobs abroad, Obama’s team never once could find a trait they liked about Mitt Romney. The Republicans never reciprocated. We nearly choked when we heard speakers at the GOP convention talking about Barack Obama’s good qualities as a father and man.

The leadership of the Republican Party is living in an alternate reality. Barack Obama isn’t a good man. He is evil and corrupt. Romney didn’t have the guts to say it. He didn’t want to talk about Obama’s associations with communists and socialists. He didn’t want to talk about Obama’s associations with Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood. Romney never wanted to talk about Obama’s sketchy past, his fictional birth story, and his possible ineligibility to serve as president. Romney didn’t want to talk about Obama’s receipt of corrupt and foreign election funds.

Yes, the economy is bad, but there needed to be more. What about Obama’s support for infanticide? What about his support for death panels? Whoops, Romney couldn’t talk about them because he has been all over the map on these issues. First, Romney was against abortion, and then he was for it, only to be against it again when it was politically expedient. Romney had the same problem on Obamacare. Romneycare passed with his support in Massachusetts, and it is a close cousin to the corrupt healthcare program of Obama.

But let’s put Romney aside; there are significant problems inside the Republican Party that handicap any candidate.

The overly zealous foreign policy of the neoconservative movement is hurting the Republican brand. Americans were worried Romney might get us in another Mideast war. Americans are tired of spilling blood in Islamistan. As a result, Obama scored better than Romney on the question of dealing with a foreign crisis.

This doesn’t mean that we support a pre-1940 style of isolationism; but Americans want our troops to come home after a decade of fighting, and they believe Obama will bring them home.

Americans are not pacifists, but they are realists in the mold of Ronald Reagan. Reagan kept the peace through strength, but he also reached out to his enemies with constructive proposals. The modern Republican establishment is too bellicose, and Romney adopted their militant ways, lock stock and barrel.

We cannot fashion the world in our own image. And we especially cannot do it if our only persuasive tool is advanced weapons falling on others heads.

Next, the Republican Party has truly become corporatist. The next Republican to win the presidency must be a populist. He or she needs to know Americans distrust big banks as much as they distrust big government. A Wall Street-allied financial engineer like Romney was not the best candidate when the last big scandal to rock the nation was in banking. To be the party of America, the GOP must stop coddling big business. Free trade is important, but it isn’t so perfect as to be worshiped. Transnational corporations that care less about America than profits must be reined in.

Finally, what Rove and the GOP establishment did to conservative candidate Todd Akin will not be soon forgotten. The establishment elite of the GOP must stop the war against conservative and Christian candidates lower down the ticket. Christians are the heart of the GOP, and we are not amused.

America’s and the GOP’s real solution to problems will only come when we rediscover God as the Creator and Finisher of our nation and our world.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)


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7 comments to Why Romney Lost

  • joe Narusiewicz

    Dick Morris never gets it right. He is a total joke. Why Fox News even has him on is beyond my comprehension. Get rid of him.

  • ron

    Romney never had a chance. The election 4 years ago was the handwriting on the wall. There are now more takers then givers. Racism is alive and well, but not like the media and these 2 groups would like you to believe. Blacks voted for O bama because he is half black. Hispanics voted for Obama because they believed that he would help their illegal brethen to stay in the country. They believe in their own more than in the United States. Its over for the working man. The 1 world government people have won America will never regain it power. We are going over the cliff and nothing can stop it. I see the American value system dead. People do not care that they are setting up their future generations to povery because they don't believe we will pay off our debt and infact dont care. We have the richest "POOR" in the world and they want much more. They will never vote for a Republican. Blacks will never vote for a Republican. Hispanics will neve vote for a Republican and lastly people that don't want to work will never vote for a Republican. Each election will show a slide of 1 to 2 % toward the promise them more party. We are doomed just as the Greeks and the Romans. So very sad.

  • andersondarlene

    I have nothing to say I'm not in the right place I don't belong in here.

  • wcouch

    ROMNEY WAS WEAK AND A MORNAM. I know that has a lot to do with it, because that is not in the CHURCHS character.

  • enoch76

    "Republicans are too nice". Correct

    "Barack Obama isn’t a good man. He is evil and corrupt". Correct

    "He or she needs to know Americans distrust big banks as much as they distrust big government" Incorrect. I would trust my banker much more than I would obama or any democrat politician.

    "America’s and the GOP’s real solution to problems will only come when we rediscover God as the Creator and Finisher of our nation and our world"…. might be correct, but BEFORE that can occur, the demoslug monster HAS to be "defunded".

    REAL Americans MUST cease supporting those groups and individuals whose ulterior motives are wanting to destroy us…quit putting our hard-earned cash into their coffers. BOYCOTT EVERYTHING democrat-supporting….movies, music, etc., etc. If the 49,000,000 Americans who voted for the American candidate would WITHHOLD their financial "investments" in democrat-run businesses, entertainers, etc., etc. until the next election we would make a big dent in their ability to wreck our country.

    Quit hiring the illegal aliens who hang around outside of Home Depot and who work for pennies, quit patronizing muslim run super-markets etc. We have to DO something tangible…

  • Tommy

    We lost because just as with the 2nd term of Clinton. Many of us (not me) thought that we didn’t really need to bother voting as there was NO WAY Obama could win… Many thought that with his record and with his total failure his own kind would reject him.. But that’s where we as republicans have a problem.. We think that liberals actually care about such things that liberals have character. They don’t. They have no character and no moral compass. They only want. And they will insist on winning at any cost. To them it’s not the way you play the game. It’s not the journey. It’s not fair play. It’s the end justifies the means. They destroy everything before admitting that they were wrong. This includes country and even family.