Video: Did Obama Steal The Election?

We know the Obama campaign engaged in massive voter fraud in 2008.

They also sought unsuccessfully to suppress the military vote, which historically votes conservative.

This time, they did both.

Before the election, we heard almost weekly about some shipment of absentee ballots getting lost on the way to our troops in Afghanistan. Or ballots being mailed out too late to be of any use in the election.

There was the odd story of a plane that crashed and “burst into flames” carrying absentee ballots into Afghanistan. Oddly, as soon as the story appeared, it disappeared. Did anyone die in the crash? What kind of plane was it? It seemed like a cover story in order to destroy the ballots.

Team Obama sued Ohio to prevent the military from voting early, a long-standing policy that worked around military training and deployments, because Team Obama said it wasn’t “fair.”

Considering that the election was extremely close (Obama won by roughly two million votes), the question becomes: if our troops’ votes were counted, would Romney have won?

Did Obama steal the election—again?

Will our soldiers come forward and demand that their votes be counted, and will the public stand behind them?

Let us hope so.

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34 comments to Video: Did Obama Steal The Election?

  • Guest

    It's always fun to stop by and take a giant sh!t on Kris Zane, but it's especially amusing to do it today. Kris, looks like you'll be busing tables at the Riverside Denny's for the foreseeable future, because from the looks of it, America doesn't believe the garbage you share here.

    Keep trying though. You have a great future at busing tables for IHOP.

    • Guest (coward who can't come clean on his name) … by the way things look it may be "YOU" coming to the realization that Obama's foreseeable future is to see how much money he can put in his own pocket, not yours, stupid! The few jobs busing tables will be gone, but there might be an available garbage can, somewhere or give Obama a call at the White House, to see if he cares!!

  • erik

    Do you even read your own stuff before you post it to youtube? Even assuming that 100% of all military ballots would go for Romney, the President is now winning by almost 3 million votes but there are only 1.5 million active duty troops total.

    So even by your twisted logic, the President still would have won.

    • Inez

      I suppose you are one of the freeloader scumbags or maybe one of the illegal wetbacks !!!!!!!!!!

    • upaces88

      If I were you, I'd go take 6th grade math again.

      Ohio Voters weren't allowed in the building..they were told they had already voted;

      The NBPP were at the voting stations in Philadelphia blocking people from voting for anyone EXCEPT OBAMA.

      Mentally Retarded people were being told "which candidate to vote for." (just as before);

      Many states reported that votes for Romney were changed to Obama because the voting machines had been rigged.
      No one in NY was able to get out and vote who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

      Then, of course, there IS the Military vote.

      • Eric Kramer

        The only thing I know is that I intended to vote Republican. I don't know if there was an "error" with the voting machine or not. I didn't vote by Absentee Ballot because I didn't want it getting "lost in the mail" when someone found out I didn't vote for the Marxist.

  • Carol

    We knew this would happen and nobody seemed to care sad but true.

    • upaces88

      Carol, we do care…there is really nothing we can do.
      Did you see the article today that The Military has filed Treason against Obama?

      • Terri

        Actually, as wonderful as that would be, I just read that it wasn't filed by the military but by a retired Lt. that was in the reserves.

        • upaces88

          It is still on "the docket". That is VERY important.

          • Terri


          • upaces88

            As long as it is on "public record"….behind that could come another from an ACTIVE member who does have power. That ADDS to his legal pleading to the court. Two more behind that (I say two, because in the court of law, it is best to have "3" to add strength to the case).

  • Jim

    Forget it everyone………… is just about over. Even if he cheated, nothing will happen. The Attorney General is his friend. What Obama has gotten away with from the beginning, like not being vetted, and the list goes on and on. America is now in a 1 party control system, where, by giving away the Country with entitlements, they have guaranteed continual reelection. The Chicago mob style politics has the winning formula. I doubt if I will see a Republican ever get elected President in my lifetime. Immigrants, legal or not, will now flock to the US where there are freebies. There may be a revolution in our future as the increasing number of "takers" will be more demanding of the "makers", who will reach a point where they stand their ground and say NO MORE.

  • Ex-Army

    No, Obama didn't steal the election, but Karl Rove sure tried hard to do it with his Super PAC that was funded anonymously by billionaires to the tune of about $300 million. Hey, what if we had campaign finance reform where only those who can legally vote can contribute to polticial candidates??!!

    • esek hopkins

      You, idiot, the money raised by the muslim far exceeded that raised by Mr. Romney. The biggest contributor to the muslim was george soros, the billionaire Jew who worked for the nazi ss in WWII tracking down his fellow Jews for transport to the camps. Get alife,

  • Inez

    I don't know if there was voter fraud, but it was all the freeloading scumbags & all the illegals that got him reelected . I hope Obummer really gives them what they deserve !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Guest

      What a pile of filth you must be, sweetheart. What trailer park do you live in?

      • esek hopkins

        On the contrary, she is quite prescient. When the muslim crashes the economy, which is his communist plan, all you people will have zero. We, on the other hand, will have prepared for the collapse. It is like the story of the 3 little piggies and the big bad wolf. You are going to be living in a house of sticks and the wolf will huff and puff and blow the house down. Then he will consume you for dinner. We, on the other hand, will be living in the brick house and the wolf, no matter how hard he tries, cannot blow the house down.. Good luck to you when the economy crashes. See the pictures of the Jersey shore after Sandy? That's you, bub.

  • upaces88

    Let's re-examine this:
    NBPP in Philidelphia;
    Voting machines changed votes from Romney to Obama;
    Ohio voters told to leave because they had already voted; and NOW
    The Military vote ignored; and finally comes in…ROMNEY DID WIN THEIR VOTE.
    If he is afraid that something will happen to him like "Breitbart", the man has enough $ to hire the BEST of the BEST to protect him.
    Or do you think he'll just ride it out?
    The man did not become wealthy by being a wimp…wo?????

    • Guest

      LOL…rumors, BS and hearsay. Zero proof.

      Mitt is safe from the illness that killed Breitbart. Mitt is relatively sane. Andy was toxic crazy. Like you.

  • Ed Shick

    If you are in service and in Harms way You can not vote ,, What a joke , This election should probaly been delayed till N East was back on feet , on Tv they said it might with long voting period take ten days to count OHio votes as per interveiw with Ken Blackwell ,,,, Polls closed at 7:30, takes over an hour to get ballots to Board of Elections ,, then on National news at 10 Ohio went to Obama ,, Something is very funny , what signs do you see in peoples lawns ,

    • B. W. Robinson

      Ed, I'm sure the Obama people looked at delaying the election if it would benefit him. I would guess that delaying it would benefit Romney more than Obama, so it was not delayed.

  • B. W. Robinson

    Even if anyone uncovered up evidence that he did supress votes or any other type of voter fraud, would the media even bother to tell the story? Within the last year I have read so many stories that are true but I never, ever, saw any of these stories on the national news. This guy is a bigger crook than the Clintons. When I saw the US map, 95% of it was red and the only blue was in the heavily populated area, especially where there is a heavy black population and major welfare populations. We can't continue paying people to stay at home and have babies.

    • upaces88

      B.W., did you notice just the last few days…the Media (Fox anyway) is beginning to open up a bit more. NOT ENOUGH but a bit more.

      • Guest

        "open up"? Meaning they're rumor mongering for trailer trash like you? What's the latest on the birth certificate, scumsucker?

        • upaces88

          You really must go back and finish high school so at the very least you might learn some new words. Your intelligence OR LACK thereof is showing.
          What? You get a blogging job from Obama from Craigs List?

        • john

          or the $5million that was offered for his records? you can see mine for not nearly that much….

    • Terri N

      Thank you for saying exactly how I have been feeling! I have had the strangest feeling that something was wrong since the election took place and now I find this website where the majority of the people feel the same way. Something needs to be done!! If nothing is done, we are doomed and destined to pay for other people's kids for at least four more years. Ah…but don't forget, they have the right to contraception. Then USE IT!!

  • john

    …steal the election?? open the borders, assist election fraud, taking foriegn funds, gorge sorros, accorn, black panthers……..(all creditable people)……what makes you think that?

  • Eric Kramer

    I drank the "Hope and Change" Kool-Aid back in 2008, and that was the first and only time I ever voted for one candidate and then hoped that there opponent would win. I voted for Mitt Romney the other day, but I wish so much that Ronald Reagan were still alive, and that he could run for office again; particularly for the office of President of the United States; because we need a real leader who actually cares about our country more than brushing up on his golf game! Actually though, I think it might be better for America if Obama spent most of the next term on the golf course as well; or on "The Late Show With David Letterman", for that matter. The man is a pretty good speaker, but he's a lousy president!

    • Justice Must AWAKEN

      and don't forget the military ballots that were 'lost' in transit,
      some ended up in the ocean, some in ammo dumps,
      and some totally forgotten about..

      these military ballots that made it through the obstacles
      were 'conveniently' delivered on Nov. 7th and the last
      I heard, were not going to be counted.

      Have they no provision for 'extenuating circumstances'

      when it comes to our military?

      Not if it means Obama loses the election

    • Justice Must AWAKEN

      and don't forget the military ballots that were 'lost' in transit,
      some sent with ammo to Afghanistan,
      some dumped into the ocean,

      and the ones that survived, arrived a day late.

      The number would have swung the vote to Romney.

      There were many other incidents which occurred
      to deflect the vote from Romney to Obama.

      Just do a search on election ballots and the
      fraudulent actions which occurred, such as
      voters voting more than once.

      Voters told they had already voted.

      Voters intimidated by the black panthers.

      Yes, the election was stolen and Obama knew it
      would happen..

      The same scenario was in 2008, also…
      lost absentee military ballots.


      He can't win an office w/o utilizing his
      criminal background.

      Lots of luck with this time around.

      Donald Trump calls for a Revolution
      and a march on Washington.

      He infers that the election was rigged
      and the electoral college a sham.

      All who agree, raise your hands.