The Hand Of God WAS On The Election

Holy Bible SC The Hand Of God WAS On The Election

As those in our great Nation woke up on Wednesday morning, we scratched our heads in disbelief as to what happened in the election. We thought every base was covered. Romney did well in the debates, he was hosting huge crowds of supporters, and his polling numbers were either tied or exceeded Obama’s. So what happened then? It was Divine Intervention.

My fellow Americans: as our nation has turned it’s back on God, advocated for gay marriage and sodomy, continuously kills God’s unborn children through abortion, and turns our back on Israel, God has decided that he would honor our prayers to guide this election. God will not be mocked.

Just as our earthly father could impose a punishment by saying something to the effect of: “wake up my children; this is going to hurt.” Although we are chastised, we still love our father and will always seek Him out for His protection and guidance.

God has a plan here that many may not understand, but those who do will find comfort and peace in the outcome of the election. As many of us have stood for over 4 years against the evil of the Obama regime and for the protection of the US Constitution, we were not fully prepared. We had not fully rededicated our lives to God and were still hanging onto our love of earthly possessions even when God has promised us treasure in Heaven. If we truly engaged in putting God first, the outcome may have been different.

God’s plan at this point, I believe, is to draw His people back to Himself and reunite His church. As our founders said 230 years ago, the way to end poverty is to make people uncomfortable in it. The Obama regime will bankrupt our nation and place us all into poverty. Once this happens, more of God’s people will be crying out to him and will be humbled. God’s people will help one another through these times as well as helping the lost souls.

Those who have rejected God will gloat in their pride and envy for their accomplishments in winning this election and thus will be rejected by God.Rich men will seek His face, and He will not answer as the chance of a rich man getting to heaven is like trying to pass a camel through the eye of a needle.  The master plan here is for a nationwide revival. God will reset our priorities, the most important of which will be putting HIM first in our lives once again; and then he will send us back into the battlefield to protect and defend our divinely-inspired founding documents.

We are in for some very tough times ahead, but keep your eyes on God as you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. As always, my fellow Christian Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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3 comments to The Hand Of God WAS On The Election

  • Justice Must AWAKEN

    Author of this article,

    You are partly right.. it is judgment due to the perversion over this land.. 5 states
    voted for homosexual marriage during the elections… more stuff went on
    at the same time.. Libya, the hurricane, all of this was an indicator that
    God is watching and He is not happy with this Earth.

    My main point is, however, that you are partially right in that HE has a plan.
    However, you should address the fact that the plan is in time with His
    agenda for the End Times, I said 4 years ago that this impostor is the
    long – awaited Anti-Christ, and if he were ever re-elected, against ALL ODDS,
    it would be confirmation… He fits Daniel 11 .. the man of lawlessness.
    He has filled the traits needed for that personage to come upon the scene,
    even including the scripture about not needing the desire of women.
    He is a bathhouse homosexual and there is a rumor that he once
    was married to another man.

    Aside from that filth, he is on full power to destroy America. I won't go
    into all of his Executive Power mandates all of which were against
    the approval of Congress… I won't go into his association with Muslims,
    his allotments of illegals, most of whom are criminals; there are over
    a hundred reasons why this person should not be a leader of this country.

    He is, of course, a putative president. That means he cannot be impeached.
    He could be marched off to the brig and hanged for treason.

    BUT.. here is the kicker.. he is supernaturally protected.. whether it is by
    Satan or God, or both, I cannot say, since I am not omniscient. I do know
    God is in control and when this madman was put back into the Oval Office
    against all logic, against all polling, it is a logical assumption that it is due
    to supernatural influence, and the prince of darkness is involved.

    So, bottom line.. yes, God has a plan. It is the 7 years of Tribulation which
    are now to come upon this planet. As a Christian, born-again for decades now,
    I am content with what is to come. I believe in Thessalonians chapt. 4 dealing
    with Harpazo. If you are a Christian, you know what that term means.

    So Look up, as J.R. Church used to say, for your redemption draweth nigh.

  • Don

    I hate to say it, but as America desends into hell with Obama, Americans are not going to turn to God and repent. They will just double down on stupid and vote Democrat. Government will save them. But, it won't because it can't. Look at California and Greece. God has left the building with the United States.

    • Justice Must AWAKEN

      I agree with you, which is why I think the time of Tribulation has arrived.

      Halleluia.. we may be going HOME.