God Is Dead

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God is dead.

Hear me out, my neo-conservative Christian friends.  I grew up in the Bible Belt, Alabama to be specific, and fully understand the importance of personal spirituality and the core faith so many enjoy in the United States.  Since the liberals began their all-out assault on the Republican Party, and more importantly its faithful Christian-based wing during the Vietnam War, our country has moved at a rapid pace leftwards  As a result of this political movement, a secular seed was sown and has taken over the proverbial Garden of Eden.

Americans have eaten the forbidden fruit and continue to return to the tree ridden with evil.  Social issues have now shaped our country and have become the battle cries screamed at any minority willing to take the pitch, rather than economic and fiscal responsibility.  Abortion, birth control, fairness, gay rights, legalized marijuana; these are all terms we have grown overly familiar with during the previous election cycle.  When few of these things mattered to an American populace during arguably the worst recession in our history, we chose to fight rather than deflect.

We sit and complain when the ACLU attacks religion and wants to remove God from our schools, money, and public buildings.  We whine as the courts remove public prayer from our school and sporting events.  Slowly and methodically, our country has stabbed God and allowed him to bleed profusely.  Now the secular portion of the leftist electorate have pushed through some policies long held at bay by the religious right.  The final slash to His heart may have been cast.  Catholics around the country continue to vote for leftist candidates, the very folks who castigate them for their beliefs.  Some protestant groups have flocked to liberal candidates, casting their votes without thought like moths jumping around an open flame.

As a result of turning our backs on God by allowing our elected officials to remove prayer and religion in public settings, and by forcing faith-based institutions to pay for contraception when it flies in the face of their personal religions, we have allowed The Almighty to become what the secular left has wanted: a myth.

Can this trend be reversed?  I am doubtful that we will be able to turn this around, but it may be possible.  Educating the voting base is a must!  The electorate votes for the candidates, so it only stands to reason that an educated electorate will vote for someone with similar beliefs.  African Americans and Latinos are ferocious Christians; yet they have flocked to Barack Obama.  Many will point to race as the primary factor, but a more important factor has been our party’s inability to teach and spread our message.

Until we play a wiser and more strategic political game, however, God will remain dead in America; and that is the cold, hard truth.

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9 comments to God Is Dead

  • Guest

    You really have to wonder how someone thinks he can tell the Supreme Being when and where He's "alive."

    Hey Huckeberry…Maybe this proves God's alive after all, but He doesn't work for you.

  • Perhaps he's just been resting for the past 60+ years…perhaps he's tired of taking care of people who won't take care of themselves….perhaps he infested the world with obama and democrats just to show us what to expect if we go downstairs….perhaps he's working on Argentina now, showing the Argentinians the errors of their ways….perhaps he's busy interrogating our (former now dead) Benghazi ambassador and the (formerly now dead) courageous Seals who were refused help by obama and murdered by muslims….you never know, he might make you eat your words real soon.

  • Voice of Reason

    So because God won't smite the people you don't like, you think him dead?

    • Watching and Waiting

      Au Contraire.. God is not dead… only waiting for His plan to come to fruition.

      When Obama was fraudulently elected in 2008, that was the beginning of the End Times.

      Now, against all odds, and again, through criminal tactics, we have this man of sin
      again in our government, ready to finish what he started.

      Was it God's wish? I believe God knows exactly what HE is doing because.. after
      all.. when a Supreme Being creates a universe beyond our finite grasp,

      when He is not only omnipotent but omniscient, then we can truly assume He
      knows what He is doing.. and He is now in the last quarter of the game of
      Earth vs. Hell.

      What is His plan? Read Daniel 11 and other chapters, Ezekiel 37, 38,
      Read both of the Thessalonians, esp. about the return of His Son,
      read Revelation, which is really getting into the last of the years
      before the 1000 years of His reign, the Millennium.

      Then.. does it all have a great ending after 1000 years? Nope.
      For some unknown reason which no human can comprehend,
      He releases Satan for a time. Maybe He is giving this fallen
      angel one last chance to repent.

      Doesn't work.. and God being omniscient, already knows this.

      So, He goes ahead and lets the diabolical Satan out to wreak
      havoc one last time.

      Then is when the wait is over and it becomes all worth the
      generations of pure madness, cruelty, barbarianism,
      deception, etc.

      Then is when you will be glad you became a believer
      way back in 2012.

      • squirrelmender

        I'm sorry but, since I don't know much about religion does your comment mean that we can look forward to O falling on a sword or ? Please give me some hope before I abandon ship and move to another country where helping the poor encourages them to do better and not keep sucking off the hand that tries to help them.

        • Watching and Waiting

          Glad you asked, squirrelmender,,,,

          After you grab your Bible and read Daniel 11, look at the last
          verse, 45: ' Yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.'

          But wait..that does not mean Earth is out of the woods all
          that 7 years.. AC has a lot of work ahead of him, in
          martyrdom of Christians, and just any ol' soul who
          disagrees with him and refuses his 'mark' of the beast.

          Obama, if he IS Anti-Christ, and he meets all of the
          requirements, including vs. 37, not regarding the
          desire of women and not honoring any god but himself,
          will do lots of damage to earthlings before he is brought down.

          Jump into the book of Revelation, which isn't really hard to
          understand; it is the wrath of God upon Earth, and caught
          in the middle of it, is dear Anti-Christ, who will in chapter 13
          utilize the mark of the beast; but take heart, for in chapter 19
          verse 20, he meets his fate.

          However, if you think moving to another country will help
          to avoid all this chaos and uproar, forget it. AC rules
          the Earth for 7 years, though the last 3 1/2 are filled
          with God's terrifying judgments.

          And Christianity is not a religion… it is a faith, a belief
          in things unseen, but known as inspired by the word of God.

          All scripture is inspired by God, written by men of that century,
          for the many generations to come.

          We, I think, are the final generation.

          When Obama can win an election twice, w/o being
          punished for his crimes, w/o having to attend his court
          subpoenas, and refuse to show up for cases that are
          bringing up his past nefarious deeds, and no judge
          will rule for the prosecution which holds tons of
          evidence about Obama's history , proclivities
          and his philosophy, then we know the supernatural
          is involved.

          • ciera

            Was Bush punished for his crimes. against humanity. No. He went into hiding. Came out to write a book and went back. You see its the Elite you should be angry with. The Presidents are the subordinates. And they all do as they are told. So you are barking up the wrong tree.

        • ciera

          All this crying. and complaining. About sucking hands that help them. I heard no cries when Europe was sucking and still is the hand of Africa and many other countries. Putting aids in Africa. And using religion to enslave people to build this country. That was stolen from the Indians. Who should be the only complainers. Yes, the false God that was used to do all these horrendous things to humanity by mankind is coming to an end. And thats what you are seeing. But remember nothing remains the same. Read history.