Sandy Victims May Relocate To Abandoned Prison

Hurricane Sandy Hess Gas Station On Long Island Sandy Victims May Relocate to Abandoned Prison

Just imagine for a moment what would happen if George Bush’s FEMA Director “Brownie” had suggested homeless African American victims of Katrina be relocated to an empty Louisiana prison. I’ll wait while you try to stop laughing and compose yourself. Whether it would have been a good idea or a terrible insult would have made no difference; it would never have even been discussed.

Paternalistic liberals could not sleep at night knowing this was going on. They would much rather see “their” Black people being forced to sleep in tents and exposed to the elements than sleep in a well-lit warm and safe former prison. “Oh the inhumanity of it all!”

Nevertheless, placing Staten Island’s White Middle Class Sandy victims in the Island’s now abandoned Arthur Kill Correctional Facility is “on the table” as a possibility for solving the temporary housing needs of thousands of homeless Staten Islanders living in New York’s hardest hit borough. That this is a wonderfully creative idea and a refreshing surprise -from a usually inefficient federal government is self- evident. Yet what makes this idea (which is way too good and practical to have a chance of actually being adopted) so fascinating is the “deafening” silence from the media about it being a terribly insulting idea. There are no Chuck Schumers running to the cameras to beat their pious breasts in mock protest of the “deliberate slight to hard working White Americans.”

Although we know the answer in our hearts we have to ask: Why would there be a different response from the Left and the media from one scenario to the next?  The answer is simple: Whites would be expected – no make that required – to just go along and “take it.” Whites would be assumed to be big enough people to understand that in an emergency it’s “any port in a storm.”

Because they are the true racists, Democrats would not believe that African Americans would understand the need for such a drastic policy.  Scoring points with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be far more important than the comfort of disaster victims.

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  • berrylady

    Is this the FEMA concentration camp we have been reading about? It was LA-but a "newer" building-like just built during the "thang's" reign since 2008? FEMA is behind the concentration camps so this seems to connect some dots I've been reading about.