Video: Applebees CEO: Employees On Chopping Block Because Of ObamaCare

Applebees CEO will have to cut employees and employee hours because of the massive cost of ObamaCare.

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2 comments to Video: Applebees CEO: Employees On Chopping Block Because Of ObamaCare

  • JusticeMustAwaken

    CEO's … just say NO…. it is unconstitutional, no matter if Congress did approve.
    They are all corrupt and should be kicked out of their jobs.

    If all America rebels (except for illegals, of course) this farce will die away
    from lack of participation.

  • The Tax Man

    Business owners/managers must reduce costs to survive and be profitable. If Obamacare does not truly cut medical insurance costs for employees and employers then they cannot be compelled to get it. Restructure to avoid coming under the Obamacare mandates. The bottom line is what drives business and when you cannot control the bottom line due to government interference then you have to change the way you do business to avoid the interfering government intrusion. Applebees and Papa Johns are doing it right – if Congress will not fix this mess, then the people just have to work around it and avoid it!

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