Allen West A Victim Of Voter Fraud And Crooked Democrat Officials

Allen West Allen West a victim of voter fraud and crooked Democrat officials

Though Colonel Allen West is getting worked over big time by the Democrat machine in St. Lucie County, Florida, his campaign manager (Tim Edson) vows to soldier on in an uphill battle to get an accurate vote tally in a recount sought by the congressman. “We’re going to take every action necessary to get the answers we’re looking for,” Edson says.  “The rule of law should be followed,” says one West attorney, as plans to appeal to the State’s Attorney and Governor Rick Scott go forward!

Democrat Secretary of Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker, resplendent in an expensive all-black outfit accentuated with stunning silver jewelry, refused to turn over to Mr. West’s team the poll book sign-in sheets “so we can compare the number of voters signed in to the number of votes cast,” says Edson.  She also refused to talk to any representatives of the media. When I asked about the procedures of the recount demanded by West, Walker’s taxpayer-funded attorney Cynthia Angelos said, “I don’t know…you’ll have to ask the board of election supervisors.” Unfortunately, they couldn’t discuss how the recount would be conducted either.

Walker, a Democrat government official for nearly 40 years who is being paid a whopping $110,000 yearly salary, is clearly stonewalling the West team as reports have surfaced that she locked out observers who wanted to watch the vote-counting at 7 p.m. on election night!

At issue at the 7 a.m. emergency Sunday meeting of the St. Lucie County election board is a 70% voter turnout and an initially announced early vote recount that morphed into a machine recount of only early votes cast on November 1, 2, and 3 because “We have to send the official count in today.”  When I asked, “Aren’t you just cherry picking like Al Gore did?”, I again was stonewalled by several officials and operatives.  A re-feed into the same machines was being done because a “memory card manually failed.”  A worn print cartridge created such a faint print from one machine that I could barely see the numbers.  I walked down one aisle at Walker’s headquarters and found it lined with uncovered boxes of ballots, boxes anyone could have picked up and removed from the building!

No one seemed to know who was responsible for determining just how many numbers were in dispute.  One audience member told me that he thinks a two page ballot in St. Lucie County might have been responsible for problems and misunderstandings. He told me that a figure indicating participation by 141% of County voters arose because one official was tabulating one vote per person while another counted one vote for each page.  A member of a long time Stuart, Florida media family and fellow blogger, his explanation seemed as plausible as anything else I heard during the course of the day.

No one would assure me that the recount wasn’t being done only in certain precincts possibly favorable to Democrat Patrick Murphy, or that the recount wouldn’t stop just short of the mandatory, automatic total recount figure.  I repeatedly asked a number of officials why they initially promised to recount all of the early votes and then suddenly decided to recount only three particular days!  No one knows.  No one cares.

Additionally, the FBI was not there to ensure that the proceedings would become part of a public record.  That organization can investigate and expose our beloved American military hero who turned certain defeat into a surging victory, but it can’t vet a newly re-elected president who couldn’t produce enough of his own records to obtain even the security clearance demanded of his Secret Service detail.

Strange that the FBI couldn’t show up to observe a recount for a true military veteran and hero now being hung out to dry by a corrupt Democrat machine and Democrat political newcomer whose mug shot was featured on a campaign poster!  How can America survive?

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