Video: Is The USA Breaking Up?

A movement that initially consisted of a few citizens, but now is growing exponentially day-by-day to include twenty-three states, is underway for the States to secede from Barack Obama’s corrupt United States.

Everyday citizens are sickened by the Obama administration’s massive voter fraud, suppression of the military vote, and sabotaging of the voting machines in the recent presidential election.

Everyday citizens in the millions believe that Barack Hussein Obama stole the election.

That he is not the rightful President of the United States.

Will the United States break up? Will the States really secede?

Only time will tell.

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43 comments to Video: Is The USA Breaking Up?

  • trythis last

    America is already broken….
    GOD may help us ….but get ready for Life in Communist America
    = = = = =
    Life in Communist America

    I have been posting my thoughts to several sites……
    They are very hard to back track but……
    Here is one ….. a short version
    ….. followed by a longer on if you wish to read more
    = = = = = =
    • Buckeye8 posted

    To the victors belong the spoils. Suck it up repubs.
    • • •
    Trythis Last replied

    Agreed, buckeye …. to the victors, the spoils……..
    THE question is ……… are you one of the victors ……. or just a pawn?
    Here is how it will come down………

    After the takers, commies, nobamazombies, powermongers, Gov't has picked our wealth clean from America's carcass, we will be a SAVAGE commie regime.

    Now this is where YOU come in.
    Do you make/earn more than your needs?

    If YES, you will be allowed to live to "donate" the excess to your Gov't.
    …so it can balance the budget …. cover expenses of the Gov't plus feed the useful.

    IF NO …. IF you make / earn less than your needs ( = welfare), you are NOT useful, not needed; a drain that must be dispensed with to unburden society.
    THAT has been THE modus operandi of communism forever.
    …to see how many people have died under communism
    So, good luck to you…. slave or corpse
    Remember the NDAA
    Let’s GO! …… FORWARD!

  • Guest

    Nothing makes me laugh as much as Kris Zane's daily whining session. Sure thing, Krissypoo, go on and secede. Take your Red State Rednecks with you. Form a nation based on Conservative stupidity and backwardness and then you can ask the rest of the United States for foreign aid.

    • Patriot Diva

      Watch it guest! Your bigotry is showing! You're probably the first one to call us conservatives "racists" just because we don't support Obama! Yet you fail to see your own bigotry toward to anyone who lives in flyover country.

    • Ironic considering that without the people that have some responsibility & work for a living (aka. conservatives), there wouldn't be any foreign aid to collect. What kept America rich & free was it's foundation of people that knew how to self govern based on conservative values.
      It's something they no longer teach in public schools (aka indoctrination centers), kind of like critical thinking. You might want to try those things sometime & learn a little respect for the constitution that's given you your freedoms as communism has never created wealth & certainly never gave freedom to the masses.

  • Carol

    We knew this would happen but there seemed nothing we could do about it and I still don't understand why.

  • Guest

    "Movement is bubbling"…"growing exponentially"….LOL. Right.

    You make this at home, Kris? Is that your voice sounding all deep and profound?

    What a hoot.

  • Guest

    The Secretary Of the States still have to authorize the election. If there is truly voter fraud, then the election must be seen as a non entity and should not be verified until it is sorted out in a truthful and transparent manner.

  • guest

    I am not for secedeing, I AM for throwing that cockroach and all his cronies out of washington by force if necessary! we have seen the enemy and the sooner we get them all out of washington the better!

    • upaces88

      And,you can do that how? He won by fraud…that's a lot of talk…Tell us HOW?

    • upaces88

      Better check if your state is including…IF THEY HAVE, you have been left out…..
      I wanna hear your big plan HOW YOU ARE THROWING THE COCKROACH OUT, BIG MAN.

  • D.R. SMITH


    • upaces88

      You are WAY WAY behind.
      Smith! When Obama sign the "Peaceful Martial Law" … they GAVE UP their power to HIM.
      Where have you been?
      You don't have a congress and we haven't for a long time.

  • upaces88

    No, we are not breaking up.
    We are THINKING WITH "ONE" HEART NOW as 47 States have now Petitioned to Secede the Union.
    This means, D.C. is now a foreign country IF all goes right (so-to-speak).
    He pushed Americans too far.

    • squirrelmender

      I believe it's only 15 states and Texas is leading in signatures. The website is We The must have a account to sign the petition.

  • upaces88 are behind…It is NOW "47".

    • JusticeMustAwaken

      That is wonderful news… I was still at 27!!!

      I posted this on Dr. Taitz's web site. No one there
      is aware of this new count.

      I would love to see the demonic face of the
      impostor right now, if anyone has the nerve in
      his little kingdom to make him aware of the
      huge onslaught of angry citizens.

      This is a hornet's nest and I for one,
      want him stung right where it hurts.

    • squirrelmender

      Thanks for the update. Too bad it only makes a statement to O but, I don't think anything will come of it especially if O is the one to decide the outcome or is he? Need a legal update on that one.

  • upaces88

    @ Justice…don't worry about it…the next figure came in right after that….then the next!
    If you ran to the store or ate dinner, you would have missed it LOL.
    He is NOT threatening people that IF they sign anything, he will exile them.

    IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO SIGN ANYTHING….That is the responsibility of the Governors.
    IF you want to contact your Governor…that is fine.
    Fax him, call him/her;
    Write it on the BACK of an Envelope and then on the inside you can tell him/her everything you want to say.
    The reason you write it on the back….they get so much mail, it is up to the Administrative Assistant to open the mail; and if HE/SHE SEES it on the back of the envelope, then it will be opened. Even, then keep it short — only 2-3 paragraphs and he will read the whole thing.

    • upaces88

      Let your governor do it….

      • JusticeMustAwaken

        where did you see this? I would love for him to threaten me.

        I am not afraid of a scumbag like him.
        (I was a teacher, and faced down his ilk on
        a daily basis)!

        • upaces88

          IT won't be just one, Justice; and it won't be when you are expecting it.
          Let your governor do it….IT IS HIS/HER JOB!!!!
          It is easy to sound brave on here.
          Do you have a family at home? Want to subject them to be taken out with you?

          • JusticeMustAwaken

            where did you read that Obama is threatening Americans who signed a petition
            wanting him out of office?

          • JusticeMustAwaken

            and… which petition are you referring to, as there is one wanting a recount
            plus all the ones wanting Obamacare repealed, and all of the ones
            for seceding states, 47, now as the link says.

            this amounts to a huge number of signers.

            maybe he can do a Hitler gig against the Jewish people, but I doubt it.

          • upaces88

            Justice, I don't know where you've been…but you really need to catch up.

          • JusticeMustAwaken

            I have been reading another blog where the people are ridiculing these petitions
            and one was sooooo funny.. it was the last one by RipControl and he said

            that if he is stripped of his citizenship due to signing, he would go over the border,
            come back as an illegal, and get a good job, free benefits, etc. etc. just as the
            illegals are promised, and he would be better off for it.

            I did get a kick out of it.. maybe I should post it here…

          • JusticeMustAwaken

            I see an opportunity here…

            This means I can lose my citizenship and can cross back across the border.. As an illegal I will now qualify for all types of benefits for free… free legal help, free food stamps, free medical care,

            we can even form our civil rights organization and exclude others who are not southern

            and the beauty of it, when you go to enforce your laws we can legally say it is discrimination because you do not have enough of our people…we would be the minority and that is racial profiling… we will get some of the best jobs because you have to now include so many of the backwoods people under affirmative action

            We do not have to meet all of the standards for the colleges because you have to now admit so many of our people into the college otherwise it is discrimination…

            This also means we can practice our religion and preach evil things all we want. you have to tolerate it because cultural sensitivity is now the law.. you just do not understand the burdens the backwoods souls have because your are not us…

            I am all for it…

            I can open up a chain of gas stations… I can yell discrimination when you do not speak red neck, I can demand your english/ spanish menus now include southern…

            I can kill people and demand extradition back to my home country

            I think I am going to go sign both petitions now

            so you want to hand the country right back over now… it would save a ton of paperwork…

          • JusticeMustAwaken

            So, I guess you meant that Obama is threatening thru some
            petition, which I did see, by the way, to strip us of our citizenship.

            Lots of luck with that, Obozo.

            I'm sorry, but I think that this whole charade will end with all of us
            millions attempting to be free from this idiot Muslim

            and it will all be energy down the drain.

            He is meant to be in power, because it is in God's plan
            for humanity….

            That is apparent from the scriptures. We are finally
            in the End Times and if you know what that means,
            you will either be in fear or in hope.

            ME…. I am in HOPE. (not grammatical, but you know what I mean)

          • upaces88

            Justice, you go INTO Mexico, they are barbaric what they do to people who enter their country illegally. Their prisons for "illegals" COMPARE TO IRAN.

          • JusticeMustAwaken

            Hi, 88… I would not go into Mexico if I were paid a million dollars.
            The above post was from that blog and written by poster RipControl.

            I thought it was a funny satire and he was only kidding.

            However, I hope that these many oppositions to Obama
            will cause the House, Senate, Congress, SCOTUS,
            and the unholy trio, Pelosi, Reid, Holder,
            to take notice that they are not the citizens' favorite
            representatives of America.

            It would behoove them to resign and leave the country
            for … oh, let's say… Kenya, where Obama could reign
            as their king… (before they burn him in effigy)…lol

  • upaces88

    LOL…Thank goodness Justice. Can you tell I am in a VERY serious, disturbed mood and cannot even tell anymore when someone is being sarcastic?
    Now that, my friend, makes it a sad day.

    • JusticeMustAwaken

      This entire generation is making our Earth endure a 'sad day'~~~~~~

      but there will be a DAY… and it will make it all worthwhile when
      we have a true and PERFECT King.

    • Patriot Diva

      Chin up upaces88! All is not lost! Remember that it is almighty God who is in control! The day after the election I decided to do something to make myself feel empowered. You can do the same. Do something for yourself and your family that will make you more self sufficient. That always ticks off the liberals. Whether it's buying some gold or silver, purchasing a gun or ammunition, or planting a garden, it does not matter. Just do something that you know will help make you more secure. Then go to Blockbuster or order from Netflix a couple of really good comedies! Laughter is the best medicine. As the good book says, "It doeth the heart good, like a medicine." Take care and be of good cheer. Just another way to p!$$ off a lib!

    • JusticeMustAwaken

      It is now 50 states.. what a statement for Obama to have to digest..
      Hope it gives him gastric problems…lol

  • upaces88

    @ Patriot Diva: You are very kind! I did go to and buy myself a few movies. I also have those "save me" movies I keep…you know…the doggie save the day movies; and the War Movies where we ALWAYS WIN…

    I also find it helps to take my dog for the Longer Walk than usual around the lakes…and putter outside even though it is getting chilly.


    I'm pretty sure I now have my family on the side of secession,
    the obama cult followers can reside in their own land; hell. We
    know who they are, where they are and what there agenda (s)
    are. Their reward will be a divided, fragmented, demoralized,
    violent third world cluster—k–IMHO..


    The– willing suicidal——- are first communist, then enslaved and
    then dead They, the cult, actually follow the oba'ma machine…to

  • upaces88

    Oh! Trythislast, Ye of little faith! With 50 States? He has now made D.C…. fast becoming a "foreign country".

    • JusticeMustAwaken

      I was just watching him on Fox News, something I NEVER do, cause I
      can't stand it, but O'Reilly (who is also out of my life), had a press
      conference tape of Obama not answering DIRECT questions from
      the press about Benghazi and so on, and Obama did not
      answer anything… even O'Reilly was pointing out that this
      idiot goes all around the barnyard to avoid answers.

      Anyhow, the thing that most interested me is that Obama's face
      and eyes are more evil now than I can recall in the last 4 years of
      trying to avoid looking at him at all. I usually turn the TV off if he
      so much as enters the scene.

      Tonight, though, he did look ill and evil.. what a combination.

      Did you notice it, 88, or did you see it at all? If not, look
      for the re-run later tonight.. it is in the MEMO part that
      O'Reilley does. The evil cannot be disguised.

      • upaces88

        Justice…, he does look Ill. The human body is made perfect in the image of God. One cannot hold that much hate and Evil within the human form without it having a direct effect on the body and his facial features.

  • upaces88


    • JusticeMustAwaken

      not only does he look ill and evil, but for a black man, he actually looks
      yellow… weird. Maybe he has jaundice.

    • JusticeMustAwaken

      Also, I saw that Pelosi and Boehner are accepting their co-horts
      invitation to stay on in their capacities of destroying the country.

      Yes, gads, will they ever meet their fates?