Video: Obama Stole The Election

If this video doesn’t convince you, well…

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8 comments to Video: Obama Stole The Election

  • blueglas

    Americans (that leaves-out the impostor-fraud-liar-in-chief occupying OUR White House): I love it ! That "voter ID of the obummer voting " is not worth the paper printed-on. Just like the paper "money" printed "ad infinitum" by the QE-printing by bernanke and geithner weasels ! The impostor still is the chameleon-in-chief, as the true identity of the hatched-somewhere-in-chief has yet to see the light-of-day to the American public !

  • Gizmo

    And this is supposed to surprise us… HOW?!?! The absurd leading the absurd….

  • Bentouami

    We already know that he stole the election. WHO IN THE HELL IS GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? Do we have to start a civil war in order to get this guy out of office?

  • AnthonyJ

    Bentouami – yes we do. FoxNews spends all day every day talkin about Benghazi “going nowhere” they can talk about that so they don’t have to report about voter fraud. John McCain said the coverup in Benghazi should be the most important issue to the people. Really???? I guess Obama’s forged IDs and stolen SSN is not important. Today on CSPAN Benjamin Pauker of foreign policy magazine said Obama was born in Kenya. Looks like that’s not important.

  • Ed Shick

    All the world knows he is a Communist and trained by his father ,,Frank Marshal Davis from age Ten till through high School , Why did no one rember him from Columbia ,because Alice Palmer the Illinois communist senator sent him to Russia to learn more about communisum and how to destroy USA , He acme back and took her seat on Ill. senate ,,he said she used names from tomb stones in south Chicago , Has he ever had a true friend ???

  • Skip

    The question is, who is going to do something about it? He lies,cheats,and steals and Congress does NOTHING!!!!!

    • GOPDiva

      Exactly my sentiment, Skip. We all know the election was stolen but a flashy video isn't going to help. There are hundreds of sites that verify voter fraud but nothing is being done.
      I hope you know how many people turned to the Lord for His favor over this election. His will has been done for He controls everything. He knows who the deceiver is so I can only surmise that He has a bigger plan in store for us. Be patient, dear friend. He will bring the deceiver down as He always has.

    • Sharon Lee

      Surely you know Skip, that Congress does nothing because they are now powerless. he has systematically been using executive powers for quite awhile now to push through his agenda. Pages of regulations have been put into place by him already. The scariest lately is his inclusion in to the Arms Treaty of the Small Arms Treaty. But, like GOPdiva says God is in control. We need to wait on him. I know it's hard.