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Barack Obama 10 SC Double Talk Loving Media

The technique of double talk (lawyer speak) is something that is mastered by those in politics who are in a constant cycle of personal presentation.  President Obama is Commander and Chief of this and today’s press conference provided a platform for a college level, Ivy League ‘ Double-talk 101’ class. The act of saying nothing while answering questions about serious issues is his specialty. It is fine tuned, impressive, and if you care about our countries issues, maddening.

If you only had to deal with this from a president, it would be frustrating enough. When you add to this a horrendous and absolutely embarrassing media, you get a well orchestrated dog and pony show that trickles down to the average news follower as seemingly legitimate news. The average news follower sees Obama talking about issues including Benghazi, the fiscal cliff, Iran, Syria, Romney, Petraeus, and of course  of the all important questions, climate change. He speaks about them and says nothing, but it sure sounds like he is saying something important.

53 minutes, 10 reporters called and asked 16 questions.

One press reporter actually started her question to the president by gushing wide eyed and saying ‘congratulations’ and ‘I never have seen you lose’  followed by two softball questions…I will just let that one soak in for a bit…..

The first question started with “Can you assure the American people….” Set up perfectly for him to ramble in any direction, no matter the actual question. NBC lapdog Chuck Todd asked “Are you withholding judgment on whether you should have known sooner that there was a potential — that there was an investigation into whether your CIA director — potentially there was a national security breach with your CIA director? Do you believe you should have known sooner or are you withholding judgment until the investigation is complete on that front?” In other words, please excuse my question; you don’t have to answer if you are withholding judgment. Thank you sir, I’ll just sit down now.

When a serious question was presented regarding hearings on Benghazi or the nomination of Rice to Sec of State (note to self – lie, get nominated for cabinet position) things got interesting for the first and only time.

Obama’s faux outrage to questions regarding criticism of UN Ambassador Rice was one of the more entertaining moments. While feigning anger, Obama acted as if Rice’s appearance on 5 Sunday shows saying it was because of a video after the Benghazi debacle was outside of the parameters to question. “If you want to go after someone, go after me”. Umm….Ok. Select Committee coming.

When Ed Henry pressed on Benghazi, Obama quickly reverted to his professional doubletalk of sounding earnest, and saying nothing. At the end of the press conference, nothing was learned. No new information on Benghazi nine weeks later, nothing on our top generals crumbling to the ground, and nothing on bringing together our political parties to prevent a financial nightmare around the corner.

But hey, Obama got to pretend to be presidential and the media got to pretend to be journalists.

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