Republican House Leader Covered Up For Obama Regime

Eric Cantor Official Portrait Republican House Leader covered up for Obama Regime

In late October, an FBI agent and whistleblower brought a story of possible Bureau corruption to Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. It was a story of Obama Regime operatives deliberately sacrificing the national security interests of the United States for the president’s political gain.

And what did the Republican house leader do with that information, which—10 days before the election–could have shown that Barack Obama placed his own political advantage above the security of the nation?  Why, naturally, he took the story to just one person–Obama appointee and FBI Director Robert Mueller, the very man who would have been responsible for the betrayal of those security interests in the first place!

On October 27th, Tampa FBI field agent Fred Humphries contacted US Representative David Reichert and told him that the FBI was dragging its feet in an investigation of possible national security leaks. Reichert directed Humphries to the far more politically powerful Eric Cantor who, along with staff members, met with Humphries.

The investigation had been prompted by Humphries when family friend Jill Kelley told the agent that she had received numerous emails she considered threatening. Humphries took the story to Tampa FBI office higher-ups, and the investigation led to Paula Broadwell, mistress of General David Petraeus.

Though the investigation had begun in late spring, little had transpired by October; and Humphries began to suspect that FBI officials were deliberately delaying and covering up in order to spare Barack Obama and the administration any political embarrassment. After all, Obama had put Petraeus in charge of the CIA, the most important, sensitive information gathering agency in the government. The sudden and public explosion of an FBI investigation, which included a sex scandal and possible national security leaks connected to the president’s man at the Agency, would not have helped the Obama campaign.

Most importantly, as a result of his actions, Petraeus had become a prime target for blackmail, given his status as CIA Director and former commanding general in the Middle East. Could he have been passing restricted material to Broadwell or others? Clearly, it was vitally important that the FBI find out!

After meeting with Humphries, Cantor and his staff decided they were “…unable to act on the information [Humphries] was giving them because they doubted his credibility.” Well, don’t United States congressmen have the ability to check on the “credibility” and background of an FBI agent? Cantor would have discovered that Humphries had single-handedly foiled a terror plot and was commended for his service to the nation and the American people. But the Congressman doubted his credibility. Funny, Cantor didn’t doubt the credibility of Obama Administration operative Robert Mueller.

And what did FBI Director Mueller do with the Humphries-supplied information he received from Eric Cantor on October 31st? He waited one full week until November 6th, Election Day, “…to [meet with] James Clapper, the director of national intelligence and David Petraeus’ immediate supervisor…” We have now learned that the House Judiciary Committee “…has written to Robert Mueller to ask why it took him a week to come forward with the information that Frederick Humphries had given him.” (Humphries through Eric Cantor, but Humphries nonetheless!)

So a Republican congressman and House leader had been given information that might have stopped the Obama campaign cold, causing massive embarrassment and difficulty for the man Cantor himself had accused of “instituting an imperial presidency,” mismanaging U.S. foreign policy and the war on terrorism, and “…covering up what really happened when four Americans were killed in Benghazi…”

But rather than act in the best interests of the American people by making Humphries’ story public, by going to Mueller, Cantor put the agent’s career in jeopardy and provided yet another target for the liberal media and the Obama Regime.

It seems Republican cowardice and stupidity grow with each passing year.

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14 comments to Republican House Leader Covered Up For Obama Regime

  • doneinamerica

    republicants…democruds…whats the difference???

    • John McEwan

      Friend, There is a difference, but you have to allow for stupidity. The Demoncrats don't have a monopoly on stupidity, although sometimes it seems that way. There is a high component of stupidity in what the Rinos hold to be true. This is based on their false view of human nature, and is very dangerous to the security of the country. If you want evidence, look what is happening in Israel. This is a direct result of left (and head in the sand right) wing stupidity. Hang on tight. A disaster is about to unfold.

      • doneinamerica

        You actually think there is a difference in the corrupt corporate political parties John??? You are living in a fantasy world if you do!!! Just think bonner is willing to compromise with barry making us pay $800 BILLION more in taxes as well as increasing the debt — but barry will get his $1.6 billion increase in taxes because of cry baby going along with him!!! And yes you will be affected just like everyone else!

        The MFM has covered up for their boy for over 6 years…and now we have 4 more with rinos saying nothing..just look what the did with Benjazi!!! And that doesn't mention Fast and Furious where two American Border Patrol Agents an HUNDREDS of Mexicans lost their life! And where are the republicants??? The same place as the demoncruds! Laughing at americans because they can feed anything to the MFM and it will be believed!

        But we won't mention that we don't know anything about barry (since we don't) and when we try to find out we have 'NO STANDING' as Americans in out own country!!!

        Yes there is a difference…in stupidity only with americans not the corrupt corporate political parties — those that seek the truth and those with their hands out!!! And you sir are grouped with their hands out if you think there is a difference between the two headed snake!!!

  • John

    …and I had thought that Cantor was one of the GOOD guys.

    Shame on me!!!

  • Unhappy

    Just think of all the
    money wasted on the election, then our own party member turns traitor on us.Hussein Obama, as I think of the president, is a destroyer, which is the defination of "Hussein" An appropriate middle name for the President.
    Hussein does not love America. He wants us to be a one world
    Government with him as the top dog. Heaven help us.

  • Guest

    I heard that all printed stuff on the internet was true…LOL…this is as believable as the lady that found her "french model" on the internet. Names don't mean a thing…and if some don't have anything better to do than to publish this trash, they should get a second job..perhaps helping people rebuild in New Jersey or New York.

  • AMJ

    If FoxNews doesn’t start telling the truth about Oboob’s identity ” or lack of” we are finished. They seem to like bad news. I guess they are happy that they can bitch for another four years. They don’t care how we suffer. And neither does our government. I’m finished with the Rino party. Only we the people can do smthn about this.

    • KATE


  • AMJ

    @ Guest – your a stupid SOB

  • james tibbs

    If this is true this mealy mouthed Rino needs to be run out of town on a rail. Much less be voted out of office. The people that he supposed to represent ought to really consider this two faced snake, and get rid of him as soon as they can. He is an embarrasment to our way of life, and to our way of government.

  • AMJ

    @ Kate – Sadly I can’t get the Blaze as I am on cable. Does he tell about Obama stole the election? Does he tell that Obama isn’t eligible to be Prez? Fox is just stalling with this coverage of the Benghazi stuff. Nothing is going to happen with this. I am soooo mad I can hardly control myself. Hannity pretends to be a Reagan conservative and a lover of the constitution. BS!

    • Jeanette

      Beck is pretty good about exposing Obama, with the single infuriating exception of the lack of documentation. He makes fun of anyone who doubts that childish forgery, even though to date, I haven't seen any expert in the field of document verification who will stamp it "real." And Hannity's no better on the documentation issue, and a lot worse on other Obama issues. I used to think that these folks who are covering for Obama were being paid off, but now I don't think there is enough money to explain their behavior.

  • Helen

    Is there any integrity left in either party? Democrat or republican?
    What a stinkin' mess to leave to our children, grand-children and those who will be here long after we go to the Happy Hunting Ground. What a shame!

  • Maj R D. Cole, Ret

    Just more proof that the current "leadership" in the House MUST be replaced. None of them, from Boehner down have demonstrated they have a trace of spine or that they have anything except feathering their own nests on their agendas. For Christsake we might as well still have Pelosi in charge. I have asked Jenny Beth Martin to take a lead to recruit a challenger to Boehner when the new Congress forms itself, and suggested she consider partnering with Matt Kibbe and Freedomworks in doing this. If we don't get Boehner out of the Speakership, we might just as well throw in the towel. He has already made it known he is going to kowtow to our own version of Idi Amin.