The Adults At Hostess Give A Reality Lesson To Obama’s Union Children

Obama Union Unrest SC The adults at Hostess give a reality lesson to Obama’s union children

This is the end of Hostess Bakery Company. It was started in 1930 and died a few days after Barack Obama was reelected. The smiles have barely left the faces of his supporters, and now thousands of them across the country are being fired and laid-off.

“We deeply regret the necessity of today’s decision, but we do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike. Hostess Brands will move promptly to lay off most of its 18,500-member workforce and focus on selling its assets to the highest bidders.” With these 45 words, the world has been turned upside down for “proud and determined” union members who were going to “show Hostess how things will be from now on.”

Instead, they got a smack across the nose and a clear lesson about how an economy really works. These 18,500 people have been led into a strike they never had a chance of winning. They foolishly believe Obamanomics works because their leaders told them so. Commies and union leaders lie.

The unions involved were thoroughly warned that a strike would mean the end of Hostess, but alas they didn’t care. They had just reelected their president – so what could go wrong? Hostess would be forced to remain in business to provide them with jobs – wouldn’t they?

Because they are liberal Democrats, these people know nothing about how wealth is created and don’t really care. All they know is if you have wealth, they will find a way to take it. They are child-like in their understanding of wealth. They are like five-year olds who don’t believe “mommy has no money” because they saw a ten dollar bill in her purse.

There are those who will rejoice over these layoffs, which come just in time for Thanksgiving. The far Left wants to keep rocking America until she is upended and has to be redesigned. They are just as clueless as the union thugs. In the short-run, things will be very bad; but the one thing we have that they don’t understand is the American Spirit. America may fall, but she won’t be down for long. We understand this, and they don’t; but they will sooner than later.

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7 comments to The Adults At Hostess Give A Reality Lesson To Obama’s Union Children

  • doneinamerica

    It is a sad day in america that a childhood favorite like Cupcakes, Twinkies, and Ding Dongs along with Wonder Bread was taken down by a minority of workers. Hostess worked with a total of 3 unions that made up less than 30% of their work force to come out of bankruptcy and only one of those unions did not agree with the terms — thus the end of Hostess a once american tradition!

    On the flip side it is amazing to see the real oblamer america coming to the forefront and the oblamer voters getting put under the bus in MASSIVE numbers since November 6, 2012 — a day that will live in INFAMY!!!

    Can't wait until 1 Jan 13 when taxes rise to unprecedented levels and oblamercare kicks in to see how those oblamer voters react. The MFM can't keep covering for their [sic] hero [sic] much longer!!!

  • Mamooska

    Couldn't be happier for them. Ha, ha! When the employees and their unions start telling the companies what they should pay them, it IS time to get out. Good for Hostess. When are people going to learn that the Union represents the Union- not them. Where will the union be now that the people are all losing their jobs? And you wonder why companies go overseas. Shame on the employees for voting in a union and shame on the union for their greed. It is never enough for them. They will always want more.

  • ghastly

    And all the boroughs, townships, counties, states, and federal gov't aren't going to get any of that tax revenue. Think someone in the blogisphere coined it as the DEMOCRAT DEATHSPIRAL. Now, as I tell all the union folks at work that just saw 10 of their own let go (they got notice the day after the rigged election), you've got to make a decision: either you're part of the collective, or you're an individual. 18,000 were part of the collective. Are any of your union buddies going to pay your bills, or fix your roof, or help you heat your house now that your income is gone? No, now you're an individual. At least the Amish know how being part of a collective is really supposed to work. Hoping many union members wake up and vote to decertify their unions.

    • Zang

      The sad part, ghastly, is that the majority of the Hostess workers belonged to the Teamsters Union and approved lower wages, etc. in order to save their jobs, but the baker's union talked their people into going on strike. Frankly, if I were one of the union spokesmen involved in telling lies to provoke the strike, I would fear for my life. As we all know the GM bailout by our government was more to help the unions involved than anything else. Unions were needed many years ago but are now far too powerful and I think unnecessary.

  • Don

    Ssssuckers! This is why I hate unions. They are nothing a legalized form of organized crime.

  • tiredofbums

    Please invite a union member to your house for thanksgiving dinner. Some didn’t have a choice or a say in what happened. They just showed up everyday and did their jobs. There, but for the grace of god, go I. Don’t let your nieghbors down this season. Many are struggling. Many more will struggle. Many will turn to the bottle and drugs for solice. Many will take their own lives thinking they’re failures to their families. Please pray for these people. Do the next right thing. Don’t gloat, don’t laugh about this well loved company’s decision. I do appluad them for not backing down. Maybe the workers can buy the company and still work. Fire the union bosses and run your company yourselves as individuals. May god bless you all. Remember, His Will be done. Not yours.

    • Don

      Uh… that is BS. I was a union lawyer for a couple of years and they absolutely ignored my advise and listened to a 7th grade business mgr. Let them take their own lives; they took the lives of others and besides… one less Democrat voter every time one keels over. F 'em and their bosses.